The Girl And The Robot in Pitchfork’s Top Tracks of 2009

16th December, 2009

“To paraphrase Rob Sheffield’s line about a Replacements song, “The Girl and the Robot” finds Robyn pouring her heart out over Röyksopp’s synthesizers after a long night of MTV. Against a disconcerted, increasingly frenetic electro-pop beat, a lonely Robyn cries out to an emotionally unresponsive workaholic lover, claiming, “you never seem to know when to stop” (hmm, is she dating Dr. Manhattan?). Eventually, she confesses that she “fell asleep again in front of MTV,” which causes her to muse, “no one’s singing songs for me.” Like so many of Robyn’s other great singles of recent vintage, “The Girl and the Robot” gives a post-modern sheen to old-school heartache. –Joshua Love

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