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  1. TknoSxMnky says:

    I have 927 of those plays. :]
    You are my thirds top Artist on my charts.
    And i first started listening to your music on Friday 11 July 2008.

    I can’t believe i missed you guys in LA ):

  2. Mel A.M. says:

    I’ve got you on top of my list.
    Go and check! 🙂
    Mel 🙂

  3. o_Ogabriel says:

    Began to meet you with a remix of What Else Is There. But met but the background work of you in early 2009. I can say I found the part of the music that I always missed and never found. Your work is exceptional. I look forward to coming to Brazil. [Translated by google]

  4. tobazzah says:

    Number one!


  5. mrinfamy says:

    You made the Top ten on Mine too 🙂

  6. Astrobee says:

    *Comic book guy voice* – “Best Band EVER”
    When you coming to wisconsin?

  7. frikk says:

    You are also on Resident Advisor’s list of top albums of the ’00s 😀