Track Of The Month February: Vision One (Instrumental)

1st February, 2010

Vision One (Instrumental) Mp3

Vision One (Instrumental) Wav

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58 Responses

  1. Aclove14 says:

    Thank You. The instrumental is a whole new experience. It’s perfect.

  2. aGGreSSiv says:

    i think there is an error with mp3 link

  3. viq says:

    guys, the download limit is already reached. Too bad, cause I really wanted this one.

  4. Dexter says:

    Hmm.. looks like MP3 download link is broken :/ Can anyone confirm/fix it please?

  5. SoulShaker says:

    no longer available 🙁

  6. Qualia says:

    “This track has reached its download limit”

    Too many fans heh. Could you fix it please?

  7. Mark says:

    Hi — I can’t get the download to work! When I click on both links, it won’t download. I joined the linked site (Soundcloud) and it still won’t download. The error message on Soundcloud is:

    “Did you try to access a private track, but were not logged in? Maybe the track or user has been removed.”

    Can anyone help me with this please, since I’ve just received the newsletter and wound like to download the wav version for Vision One Instrumental.

    Thanks for reading, and Röyksopp you’re great, I loved Junior and can’t wait for Senior! 🙂

  8. mortenv says:

    The download links don’t work. Am I the only one with this problem?

  9. howie71taylor says:

    Hi all,

    I have just downloaded it back right clicking and “save target as” and the file works fine.

    Thanks Torbjørn and Svein for an excellent version of an excellent song.

    Come back and play London soon!


  10. […] el instrumental de “Vision One“, temazo de su último disco Junior. Podés bajarlo AQUI Posts Similares:Música de […]

  11. Thank you Guys!
    Waitin’ for Senior nooow! 😉

  12. Erosiccu says:

    Imagine that! Within like 20 minutes? Thank you for the free music!

  13. drorfehl says:

    oh…. please please please come to ISRAEL.
    great track by the way.

  14. I never realized that track is so simple, but amazing! Thanks Röyksopp for the free download!

  15. starla311 says:

    THANK YOU!!! I was hoping to get an instrumental version of this song because it is so FABULOUS! YAY!

  16. stephansanders says:

    It works and it’s amazing…

  17. Tavo says:


  18. imnotmoz says:

    Great!!! an incredible song…

  19. plainclothes says:

    Thanks a million for offering .WAV. Viva lossless!

  20. DJ The Fade says:

    Thank You Very Very Much Guys 🙂
    Such A Wonderful Song From Such A Wonderful Band.. 🙂
    That’s All I Can Say.. 🙂
    Take Care And Good Luck In All Your Work 🙂

  21. Guill says:

    Time to include in wav file all the mixes only available on the 12″ singles.Like Remind Me (Tom Middletom Dub),Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental) etc,etc.

    Thanks for that!

  22. erling says:

    Takk, veldig fet låt! Den ligner veldig på en Stevie Wonder låt; too high.

  23. Angel007 says:

    You guys are brilliant. I love the free track and I love your music.
    I’m in the distant land of Australia and I haven’t heard anything as good as you guys down under.

  24. michaelman311 says:

    Nice 😀

    I love having a band that’s down to earth and is involved with their fans!

  25. mindboy says:

    Thnx! Pls come to Barcelona! Would be nice to hear the recent tracks played! x

  26. sonia says:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuu. FWR loves and supports Royksopp and of course and the instrumental version, will be on our playlists.

  27. adilya says:

    Thank you sooo much!!amazing!!muaaah!

  28. m1a1 says:

    ohhh goodddd…this is my fav song on the album and to have an instrumental version is….is smth undescribabel.
    thank you guys!

  29. yves31 says:

    Thanks for the song!

  30. Sibi Gauer says:

    Oh, God! Thanks!

  31. sergioe_cd says:

    WOW YOU ROCK! THANKS! I’ll love to have You Don’t Have a Clue Instrumental 😀

  32. elaotse says:

    as “howie71taylor” said:
    right click and then save target as

    it does work!! Geez! I love that song and so this version!

    Thanks Röyksopp!

    CA, USA

  33. BRSNBL says:

    this is lovely thank you very much = ]

  34. jimo says:

    Hi Super sounds ; it looks like thousand stars ; Junior is one of the rare brilliant disks which I always listen to. When come you in France ?

  35. Maggie A says:

    I had no problem with the MP3 link and downloaded it straight away. 🙂
    Thanks guys – and keep up the good work – can’t wait for Senior! I thoroughly enjoyed your London gig last November and took along my daughter who didn’t know you very well at the time. She went wild when Robyn appeared on stage and has become a great fan since the gig! When are you back in London????

  36. marcvael says:

    Very nice of you to give us the opportunity to enjoy your music while running 🙂 . I love the instrumental version as well. You did very well in Belgium at the Torhout festival 2009!!! Hope to see you again live in 2010….

  37. Orchofuture says:

    Un maravilloso regalo. Gracias y suerte.

  38. scarmiglione says:

    pure royksopp again,i always feel retro when this guys turn on..their music.. watch some old days screens or,ehm,some emulation and maybe c64?!? dunno,but love this sound..

  39. traiskin says:

    Awesome — Im a huge fan of Wonder’s “Innvervisions” — so this was a nice, fresh approach. Love it.

  40. Atthey says:

    i just have one word: awesome
    it’s so nice to share this song free with us,
    greetings from Kosovo 😉

  41. olivedrah says:

    Hi Royksopp, thank you for sharing that music! I really have appreciate it. I have loved your work with Karin Dreijer Andersson! I wait that you can come to Brazil someday! Thanks

  42. kruchenik says:

    It’s so great!) I love you) Happy Valentine’s!)

  43. Dcat says:

    Thank u guys!

  44. dagapman says:

    I JUST FELL OVER IN MY CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. xshat says:

    This song is trippy I like it a lot. Definitely looking forward to Senior.

  46. […] Click here to check out the download of “Vision One” – [UPDATE]:  a second download, an “unauthorised” remix,  is now available via MediaFire (this is official from the band) – note:  ignore any pop-up advert that appears.  I don’t know why they posted this on MediaFire rather than on their site – the link came to me through their email newsletter: […]

  47. borginz says:

    I’m not the type of fan who gets excited about every little thing the band does, but this is a really great gesture!
    And the instrumental tracks are an excellent idea.
    Would be great to hear more of them, and, if possible, longer!


  48. kappuchino says:

    wow, thanks. that is super.

    ever considered to release a instrumental of happy up there? I’d love to remix that …

  49. ashogo says:

    My favorite track off of Junior, thanks very much for the download!

  50. Guill says:

    Time to include in wav file of all the mixes only available on the 12″ singles.Like Remind Me (Tom Middletom Dub),Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental) etc,etc.

    : )
    WE WANT IT!!!

  51. VK says:

    Wow! This track literally scratches the brain! 😉 Super!

  52. izzytiger says:

    This is true Röyksoppness to me. Sublime!

  53. izzytiger says:

    … and could you put it on vinyl too, please!

  54. DrogueDouce says:

    I love it!

  55. Shaynenayne says:

    When are you guys playing in Vancouver ?