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  1. […] wird es wohl was neues mit Robyn geben, wenn man ihr auf Twitter folgt. Ich und Twitter. Naja gut, der Account liegt ja irgendwo […]

  2. mrsushi says:

    Dammit guys,

    you are too slow putting new songs out in the street!

    you are my drug … I need more!!!!!!


  3. Erosiccu says:

    Haha Mrsushi said what everyone feels. I follow Robynkonichiwa now but i hate twitter…it’s so yuck.

  4. Rayman says:

    Cant wait!

    Have you guys heard donkeyboy – broke my eyes?
    I really think you guys should make a remix of it! It would be the best remix evaaahhh;)

  5. ¡Please! ¡more more more more more!

  6. 2ny says:

    If ‘The Girl and the Robot’ is anything to go by, the new track should be great! So many ‘normal’ songs in the charts. Good to hear something that is fresh, original and timeless.

  7. I hope that means another trippy music video. You guys find the best directors… amazing.

  8. Rudolf says:

    If I’m honest I much prefer your work without the vocals, I feel that you can enjoy the music more…my personal opinion

    Can’t wait for Senior!!!

  9. iithegioi says:

    hello, i can’t find the new track with robyn..could some one please give me the link? thank you!

  10. artjayck says:

    I can’t find the new track with robyn!!!!

  11. valya says:

    i am afraid of spoiling you by putting pressure:)
    but you – are – so – … – чудесны !!!
    waiting for your Senior 🙂