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1st February, 2010

…we’ve just cleaned up The House Of RYXP (our home), and in the process we’ve come over some edits, bootlegs & unreleased nuggets from the Röyksopp archives, that we intend to share with you over the next few months – starting now!  And since we want these bits & pieces to be gifts, we will of course give them to you all completely free of charge. Yeah!

First up is an instrumental version of our own song “Vision One” (from Junior). This track has been chosen by us, since we’ve noticed that some fans out there have been looking for this particular song for mash-up/edit purposes etc. So have fun, make you own versions and make us proud!

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22 Responses

  1. Senor A says:

    This is probably the coolest thing a band can do for it’s fans. Thanks so much Röyksopp! Can I submit a request? 😉 … Your very own remix of Alpha Male that you played a few times in concert earlier last year was incredible! Any chance that may be laying around the studio? Or maybe a studio version of Fat Burner? *greedy* Thanks again guys!

  2. rodolforam says:

    Cool! I’m getting anxious to know what more is to come… Thank you for the gift, Röyksopp!!!

  3. Manorre says:

    This song is pure genius.

  4. iPhantom says:

    Awesome! Thanks 🙂 I would love if you guys could post the instrumental of “Were you ever wanted”. I really liked the version you played in Molde.

  5. forvirret says:

    Lovely! As suspicious as this might sound I’ve always wanted to clean up your closet and see what I might find there. So this is great. I hope you guys found some bootlegs from your 2009-tour as well as old gems, because I think the setlist had a too unique sound to not get immortalized in some way..

    Aand I remember long time ago there was a competition staged by NRK P3, and the first price was your own Röyksopp-song. I know you guys aren’t supposed to share that song to anyone but… it’s been so many years.. Please! (It’s kinda killing me)

    Aand it seems like the site limits the file to only be downloaded a 100 times a week. As you have a liittle more fans than that it might not be enough. At least I didn’t get it.


  6. halex says:

    Score! 🙂
    Thanks guys; really looking forward to all this awesome stuff you’ve got hidden away! Keeping an eye out for Senior soon too. 😉

  7. nee says:

    thanks for the frequencies 🙂

  8. tigercore says:

    Awesome! What an awesome idea, thanks guys.

  9. avvanesa says:

    De verdad que este grupo es el mejor!!
    Gracias por el trabajo que haceis para que nosotros disfrutemos tanto de ello.
    La canción “What else is there?” me encanta y me pone los vellos de punta.
    Buen trabajo y seguid así!
    Estoy ansiosa por escuchar vuestro nuevo disco “Senior”.
    Un saludo…

  10. chodaboy says:

    One of the coolest thing a musician/group has ever done for the fans. Takker

  11. […] Soweit ich das jetzt verstanden habe, will Röyksopp in den kommenden Monaten uns mit jeder Menge Freebies versorgen. Den Anfang macht Vision One als Instumentalversion. Wer mehr will, der soll sich in der Community anmelden. Also einfach mal ein bisschen gucken gehen… […]

  12. antou says:

    Yeahhh thanks thanks thanks !!
    This is my favorite song of the album and probably my favorite ever =D !! I was amazed to hear it on Junior as I was already loving the first version (Eri Nobushika’s).

    Once again thanks ^^ now i’m waiting for Senior… =)

  13. looped says:

    Please release “I Wanna Know”. I love this song. 🙂

  14. kuriaki says:

    I have the honour of share my music with Royksopp in this album >

    (( ))

    Btw, vision one, is the remix of Eri Nobuchika – Sing A Song, i love the song
    in japanes language.. but the new one is dope too.


  15. jingle says:

    OOOOOO!! and ditto the 2009 live versions request, especially Eple. I have it playing on repeat on Youtube at the moment 😀 but would happily pay to include it in my iTunes library! Thanks guys!

  16. I am almost sure I remember Remind Me (someone elses CLUB mix) I had it on a 12″ which was lost a few years ago. The (someone elses radio mix) seems easy to come by but try as I might, I just can’t find that extended club mix. Is it in the archives? Can you release it again? I do hope so.

  17. I can’t wait for SENIOR, because I have heard Your Hands in Tremor Morning and I can’t wait for the next album which is called Senior!!

  18. CPrules says:

    why isn’t it already march!? i really wonder which will be the next track of the month.. 🙂

  19. iworshipthemoon says:


  20. bgunn says:

    What a brilliant idea – great track 🙂 Can’t wait until April (we hope) for Senior.. Saw you guys at Shepherds Bush Empire last year, and you were awesome!

  21. corduroy says:


  22. sammyb1970 says:

    Kind of you to do this boys. Can’t wait for “Senior’. Need some new chillout BBQ music for the summer… My request for next month would be “Two Headed Monster”. Oh and purleaaaaase do The Big Chill Festival one year! Takk og kyss fra England xxx