On *Senior* + *Track of The Month*…

2nd February, 2010

“Senior” is now finished. We know we promised to release it towards the end of 2009, but due to certain factors that we cannot control, the completion of the album has been delayed. Until now that is. We do not know the exact releasedate yet, but we hope to get it out some time in April this year (…obviously).

…Aaaand we would also like to introduce our new concept called “Track Of The Month” – a service (provided by us) where fans can get their hands on some free, unreleased & exclusive Röyksopp material.

For more info regarding “Track Of The Month”, click here.

or for

“Nah! I´m not bothered, give me direct access to current “Track Of The Month”, click here.



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39 Responses

  1. deekay says:

    oh, yeah!!!!!!!!

  2. mortnme says:

    Can’t wait for the new album! The Track of the Month will also be something to look forward to 🙂

  3. koenodokio says:

    Wowie! I´m soo Thrilled by this news! I´m really looking forward to Senior. The `Track of the Month` idea is great, wondering how it all went with Robyn last week???

    I’m making a tear off calendar already!

  4. picatso says:

    I don’t care if I got to wait ’til April, just knowing that it is finished is ‘piece-of-mind’ enough!

  5. JoshSemans says:

    Woop!! Double barelled ace news 🙂 Senior will be amazing, I KNOW IT! 😀

  6. TonyFrisky says:

    eee:) it’s amazing!!!

  7. yamfun says:

    I hope “I Wanna Know” is on Senior, if no then please release it with the track of the month.

  8. SoCal Snowman says:

    I’m stoked for Senior! Also this “Track of the Month” idea is great, I’m listening to the Vision One Instrumental as we speak! er… type 🙂

  9. halex says:

    I think I just peed myself.

  10. mzmueller says:

    Glad to hear Senior is about to drop. Been waiting very impatiently! Haha and thanks for tracks of the month.

  11. Apophis_ says:

    Senior!!! Please fast! We need Senior so much!

  12. The Dust says:

    Awesome, looking forward to it 😀

  13. kaven says:

    so excited for the senior album!! My friends played Royksopps happy birthday for my birthday today and it made me so happy! thanks for all the great music!!!!

  14. Booshibonton says:

    the track of the month is awesome.
    also, go senior.

  15. Jitta138 says:

    2 months left!!! we should start the count-down…

  16. kirkirk says:

    A “junior/senior” special edition would be awesome!!!

    Can’t wait!

  17. Sae Dam says:

    I can wait! 🙂

  18. tybluesum says:


  19. Oh suuuuper,I can not wait for it.Sure would love to have you here in Romania guys,this summer.

  20. CPrules says:

    Oh!My!God! good news! : D

    hurry up! i can’t wait : )

  21. Senior senior senior!
    Señor señor señor señor!

  22. Erosiccu says:

    AMAZING!!! so excited for the track of the month…AND SENIOR!!!

  23. Please give us an extract of the album!
    We are YOUR FAN. lol… 😉

  24. Soadtt says:

    Yeah! I`m so ready for it, longing for listning through it while sitting in peace on a train. Whatch the norwegian nature pass by : )

  25. dursus says:


  26. Lizzie says:

    I just can’t wait for “Senior” !!! 🙂

  27. Looking forward to it. Should be great!

  28. tweetwang says:

    omg omg omg omg omg seniorrrrrr! i cannot wait! does that mean another tour to the us is in order, you know, for promotional purposes? 🙂 i loved seeing you guys in LA, and paying for a plane ticket was sooooo worth it!

  29. […] Informazioni: Questa primavera, in occasione della pubblicazione di “Junior”, i due Röyksopp hanno accennato un paio di volte all’esistenza di un’altra metà del progetto: “Senior”. Una seconda porzione che, indovinate un po’?, dovrebbe rivelarsi più “scura” e notturna. Vedi alla voce “The Cure.” Aggiornamenti (10.03.10): Attraverso il sito ufficiale, i Röyksopp hanno annunciato l’ultimazione dei lavori su “Senior”, la cui pubblicazione è prevista per un genero “aprile” (fonte). […]

  30. luvondrokswnoice says:

    I agree drove hours and hours to see you in LA! Can’t wait for Senior and please give us a way to get “I Wanna Know” if it’s not on the album! Can’t get enough of you guys, and so you know I luuuuuuurrrrvve when you sing on the tracks, MORE MORE MORE!

  31. […] on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginRöyksopp revealed a while back on their site that work on their fourth LP was completed. Additionally, April was mentioned as a potential […]

  32. Ebbhead says:

    Just admit it! You sold out!! You let the record company decide that it was better to wait and maximize the sales potential in a better way.

    I liked the concept you introduced to us with the “Junior” and the “Senior” released in the same year with a slightly different musical approach, but this concept is much weaker now. I am tired of waiting too 🙂

  33. MissMarvel01 says:

    B& B, please please please release Senior! I am anxiously awaiting your new album! I can’t wait!

  34. Toby Harris says:

    oh my gud jeg vente på en senior, jeg elsker junior og jeg lurer på hva som senior vil bli som! (:

  35. chim says:

    Hey guys! It’s April already! Are we there yet? (like a inpatient child in the back-seat)

  36. lukeukwalker says:

    Its just over a week till the end of April and no more news 🙁 really really really looking forward to the new album!

    Loving this months track though Tis sweeeeet!!!

  37. Dirtytrees says:

    Dear Royksopp,
    I love your music. There are only 4 days left in April, so i anticipate “Senior” any day now.

  38. remindmeagain says:

    It’s the last day of April… I CAN’T WAIT FOR SENIOR!!! Please keep us up-to-date and give us an updated release date. Keep up the great work. Give us more tracks like So Easy, In Space, Remind Me, Follow My Ruin, Circuit Breaker, Happy Up Here, Vision One, and You Don’t Have a Clue.

  39. FriendlyRobot says:

    OMG what’s happening? Where’s the new album already?!