Track Of The Month July ‘Hus Nr. 9′

1st July, 2010

Between two pages, in a dusty old book…

…we found this little number…

It’s called “Hus Nr. 9”, and is currently haunting the halls of the RYXP mansion:

Best, B+B

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82 Responses

  1. HappyLeno says:

    If this is the kind of stuff that’s gonna be on Senior it’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!

  2. smaknae says:

    I love this song.. omg!

  3. SFreihals says:

    Thank you Guys… Fresh summer breezeeeee 🙂

  4. Tranceporter says:

    Thanks! This is wonderful, atmospheric music.

  5. I want to live in the RYXP mansion!

  6. Skippy says:

    Thank yooooouuuu B and B !

  7. nee says:

    Keep the soundtracks for my life coming 🙂

  8. saad says:

    ala tha

  9. saad says:

    its owson dude great job vry nice

  10. ZeynepKircali says:

    Thanksss that’s great 🙂

  11. damnruckus says:


  12. tbarham says:

    Good stuff. Can’t wait for the new album!

  13. mnlduran says:

    wow!! thanxs! is awesome!! 😀

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  15. leslieriquelme says:

    Veamos que tal…creo que no me defraudarán, son los mejores!!!!
    Un abrazo desde Chile y vengan por favor!!!
    Come to Chile please!!!!

  16. Aeon19 says:


    Btw so “Senior”ish 😀

  17. erolisk says:

    You guys don’t lack of inspiration .. my favourite band since 2001

  18. DJ The Fade says:

    Fantastic Track As Usual From The Kings of Creativity and Inspiration 😀
    Love You Guys Forever,
    Best of Luck

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  20. stellarpower says:

    And the best bit is that it’s free…
    But yeah – awesomely laid-back stuff. Coool.
    I would take my hat off to you, but I’m not wearing one.

  21. Beautiful, Thank so much.

    Waiting to come to South America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Good manner to wake up on a friday: “Hus Nr. 9” Vilken ljuvlig sång, jag är leende och nöjd! takk takk!

  23. Camy says:

    Nossa caras vcs são foda d+…….
    Adorei, me arrepiou ate a alma!!!

  24. BRSNBL says:

    this is so lovely.. i shall drop this in my set @ a new bar i’m
    playing soon.. thanks : ]

  25. roody says:

    just : thank you !
    it’s seem’s like near chill’out and slow-electro-jazzy ☺
    so when do royksöpp & Vincenzo a perf’ ?

  26. barahona says:

    Great. Is this part of Senior? It reminds me to your very beggining, but more naif…

  27. barahona says:

    Sorry, less naif. Be spanish is not good to think in english 😉

  28. mute says:

    Very relaxing track 🙂 Thanks!

  29. luvondrokswnoice says:

    Can you host a ball at the RYXP mansion and invite me please?

  30. Brandon4629 says:

    awesome A section and awesome B section. The anticipation is killing me as to what the other songs are gonna sound like. d-_-d

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  32. Juan Carlos says:

    The greatest!

  33. plainclothes says:

    Has anyone been able to download the .WAV file? Each time I’ve tried, it gets to 99.8% and stops.

  34. zeikee says:

    Waiting you guys in Brazil!

  35. rubben95 says:

    wtf ? how can ll you guys think this is awesome. Don’t any of you notice how annoying the bass in the background is. And there is no driving beat in it.. Just some sounds.

    But don’t get me wrong i love røyksopp more then any other band, but this was just to boring.

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  37. dk says:

    Hi, very nice! Reminds me on the Röyksopp’s night out from the album Melody AM…
    Keep on the good work 🙂
    Greetings from Hungary

  38. Forwox says:

    ROYKSOPP fo’ evah!!! Sounds great, keep it up.

    Luv. <3

  39. Shapeshifter242 says:

    What can one say other than – excellent. And your thoughts and intentions concerning “Senior” being one unity – great! It’s been way too long since artist did that. Really looking forward to your record – please feel the pressure! 😉

  40. Ubersnuber says:

    I like Junior, but I must say my real weak spot is the cold/sweet/thinky/catchy sound that you’re oh so known for ^_^

    You got me addicted through the means of So easy, and if this is a sample of things to come, then I’m all ears!

    All the best
    Ove (Norway)

  41. Flis says:

    Just beautiful guys. So looking forward to the new album. xFx

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  43. federicob says:

    bossanova Year 3000. Thanks for the gift.

  44. Guybrush says:

    kind of like Remind Me? I love this laid back music. It reminds me of a cruise around some islands that I might never take. thank you guys! thanks for creating those melancholic memories that keep me going.


  45. belanhud says:

    It reminds my of an animation I’ve yet to see. You should hook-up with Studio AKA and do some sound track work for them.

  46. doodie says:

    Cheers guys – hope you make it to Chicago soon

  47. poltersprites says:

    im lovin it!
    me encantó!!
    saludos desde México 🙂

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  49. marbera says:


    Saludos desde Argentina…

  50. assomass says:

    I’ve tried to put this track in different playlists but it is perfect played singe and on repeat. I love you guys, you made my room a RYXP mansion now!

  51. Spaceboy says:

    Very moody, wonderful!
    And yes, we’re waiting you in south america!

  52. iworshipthemoon says:

    Your music is close to the devine.

  53. Terfyn says:

    I love the chill stuff you guys put out…! Lookin’ forward to Senior!

  54. yuufee says:

    relaxed yet inspiring. just the kind of stuff to have filling your eardrums with a pencil to paper and the world as your oyster!!

  55. Guill says:


    Please guys!


  56. astrolab says:

    Yeah my friends! Excactly what I need after a long long night of fun 🙂

  57. .laura. says:

    You´re incredible! I want Senior NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. .laura. says:

    This is SO GOOD!

  59. Persephone says:

    It’s so minimal, yet so intense. I really love it. Keep it up. And, please come to Melbourne, Australia.

  60. manumusic says:

    Thank you guys!!!

  61. sonia says:

    I’m downloading it, because I have everything from you guys and my collection must have everything.

    As a track, is like a flip-top! Nothing-zip-zero! What were you thinking?? Or weren’t you? Because when you were composing this, you were on sleep-mode??

    Cheers and wishing you a great summer

  62. libellule says:

    great sound !! sounds alike melody am my favorite record, can’t wait for Senior !

  63. Snow says:

    Awesome 🙂
    Looking forward to the concert in Kongsberg this week

  64. Andres says:

    I know this track is something of it’s own, but if it wouldn’t have a name, i’d give it “The funky re-interpretation of Happy Up Here”. There’s something that reminds me (“Remind Me”) of Happy Up Here.

  65. michellka says:

    great song guys …cant wait for senior 🙂

  66. m.e. danina says:

    it is soooo delicious!

  67. andyeddleston says:

    Listening to bar grooves, washing the dishes with someone occasionally ringing the doorbell. Nice!

  68. janlive says:

    excellently done 🙂 looking forward to senior

  69. olaw says:

    Kluci, je to super. Jen tak dál. Dííííky=Thhhhaanks

  70. Ady says:

    I’m cruising with Guybrush (47) on this one. Can feel the sun on my face with my eyes closed !

  71. Martin42 says:

    Hopefully there will be more of that in Senior!

  72. chic21 says:

    Like it! it is cooooool!!!!

  73. Jeremy says:

    Love the song completely!!

  74. Frankie1976 says:

    This is great can’t wait for new album! I hope that Senior is going to have a good cover. The last covers have been rubbish.

    Check out the Royksopp covers here:
    Royksopp Inspired Covers

  75. Alyas says:

    Sounds very 1999/2000ish. Almost Drum Islandish. A nice piece of history to bridge the gap. Thanks.

  76. Senior…

    Royksopp are set to release their latest and greatest album, Senior, on September 13th.  Senior is a collection of tracks that were specifically created and compiled as a counterpart to the previously released album, Junior. Svein Berge and Torbjorn Br…

  77. Dj Kryptone says:

    Great Track! Great Music ! Thats Royksopp ! Love you guys keep on !
    Can´t wait for the new Album !!!! 😉

  78. erwina says:

    all i’ll say is, you can’t beat a bit of Tristan’s magic garden!!