Track of the month August ‘This Space’

6th August, 2010

Hi, dear fans and followers.

We have swum out of the mire to present you with a ‘farewell to summer’ tune. It is a melancholic mash-up of sorts, using elements from a few sources, with the track ‘This Space’, by the excellent Woolfy vs. Projections as the starting point. The original can be found here. As usual, we have gone on a complete journey with this, and think we have come up with a perfect late summer cinematic – we hope you agree!

Now, back to school!

Best, Señor B + Señor B

52 Responses

  1. leslieriquelme says:

    Come to Chile, South America PLEASE!!!!!

  2. rowan.m.mcdonald says:

    Oh noes! The link isn’t working 🙁

  3. geremia says:

    thank you!

  4. Scan says:

    The links appear to be broken. 🙁

  5. Moitah says:

    The download link is dead…

  6. Samuel says:

    Magnifique !

  7. airtemys says:

    great stuff! Thanks!

  8. Link should be fixed people! Also alternative link added…

  9. Hugo de Rosnay says:

    Great job mates!!! I do miss your work!
    I look forward to your next album!!!!

  10. JUV says:

    I love your music! 😉 greetings from Argentina >>>

  11. vils says:

    Looks like the WAV link is dead…. any hope for an alternative to that one? Grazie!

  12. albertthewolf says:

    … good the alternative link.
    Thank you guys, good job, so sweet … is the track of my summer! I think that now you are ready for a complete motion picture soundtrack!
    Waiting in (north) Italy … bye!

  13. anuun says:

    music for daydreaming again….thank you
    still hope “fatburner” will be track of the month sometime-
    hearing it live in cologne last year was great
    looking forward to “senior” and maybe enjoying your music live again soon

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  15. forvirret says:

    Love the track, and I really hope Track of the Month will go on for a while, ’cause it fills every last week in a month with such an excitement! Also, I hope the full Adventures in Barbieland is up soon – I’ve been updating (mashing F5) the whole day!

  16. lococamo says:

    great sound amazing! Thanks 😀

  17. SFreihals says:

    Thanks for that beautiful Tune 😀

  18. _nephilim says:

    Beautiful as always! Cristalline music….Love it!

  19. rodolforam says:

    Thank you so much, Röyksopp!!! I loved this sound! 😀

  20. Sae Dam says:

    I love it sooooooooooooo much

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  22. dursus says:

    I’m amazed! And you guys never fail to do just that. Wow. Always fresh, original and creatively pushing the boundaries of what true music should be, I would like to give my deepest gratitude for the music that Röyksopp has brought to my ears. Much love, from New York City!

  23. oswaldo says:

    A very good track -as usual- Thanks!!!
    PD Lot of people would be glad if Royksopp come to Mexico city

    Best Regards

  24. montini says:

    Guys how can you do this? =)) There was the usual song and you made a masterpiece! Bravo! Mm-ha-ha-ha…

  25. Rihards G. says:

    Royksopp THE BEST ! Greetings FROM >>>>LATVIA<<<< PLEASE COME TO LATVIA ! 😉

  26. Skippy says:

    takk skal du ha !

  27. andysrhodes says:

    Love it…..perfect music for 11:43pm!

  28. Come to Chile, South America PLEASE!!!!!
    “This Space” Great Song, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  30. heijbs says:

    This is incredible!! How come a song this good didn’t make the album?!?!

  31. Spaceboy says:

    Yeah, come to Chile Señores B + B!
    Thanks for the track 🙂

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  34. djdub88 says:

    This track is epic. Nice work Gentlemen. Greetings from Norcal…

  35. Forwox says:

    Long live “Track of the month!” It’s so great to keep it fresh. RYXP <3

  36. Guill says:

    Still no sign of:

    Remind Me (Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub)
    Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental)
    Poor Leno (Sander Kleinenberg Northern Beach Dub)

    As track of the month.C’mon guys!

  37. .laura. says:

    Come back to Mexico, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  38. ozanavcigil says:

    i just cant listen other music since Röyksopp . U r like a drug ,cant stop to listen . i m allways so courious about u cause we can never know what will happen whit u . much respect and love from İstanbuL ”
    R u real ??

  39. BRSNBL says:

    beautiful.. i can’t play this load enough!
    you should check out the two new tracks by Salem, Asia and King Night..
    they sound like you if your studio was in hell, it will make sense when
    you hear them, thanks again for track of the month = ]

  40. People from South America are calling for you, so do a tour!he
    Come from Brazil too (São Paulo) and make everybody happy.

    I’d like to listen an instrumental version of What else is there.
    I search for some like this in all web and didn’t find nothing…

  41. Ooo awesome track, some kinda epic.

  42. m1a1 says:

    brilliant! i cant stop listening to it

  43. Dave Edwards says:

    Your (Royksopp’s) version of this song is the best song ever created.

  44. LazPalmiqum says:


  45. Brandon4629 says:

    Vectorman music. 😀

  46. corduroy says:

    I want a studio version of “Tremor Morning.” I’ll pay for it.

  47. ricky890131 says:

    Awsomeeee!!!! your espectacular…its maginificent… come to COLOMBIA xD plzz …. Simply Amazing

  48. luvondrokswnoice says:

    i simply can’t get enough of this track. bravo.

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  50. James says:

    You guys rock!!! or beep…? Thanks.

  51. I so am Royksoppoholic on this track.This is my drug.Your music.