Track Of The Month October: I Wanna Know

19th October, 2010

New look, new song – we simply never stop giving…

And behold the mind-boggling spectacle before you

Röyksopp taking their morning-stroll through the enchanted forest of Lyngen. And they bring gifts. This month we’ll unleash a fan-favorite (that’s what we’ve been told at least…) that we’ve played live occasionally – the loud and proud I Wanna Know!

This track marks the return of Röyksopp’s energetic elaborate sonic’s:

Play safe…

Señor B+ B

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102 Responses

  1. looped says:

    ur the best!!!!!!!!!
    i love it.
    thx :))))))))))))

  2. daft bato says:

    son lo mejor del mundo!!!
    los amo!
    vengan a santiago de chile 🙂
    please, please!!

  3. mks says:

    Love it, but the link for wav isn’t good :o(

  4. hlynurorn says:

    no artwork?

  5. rowan.m.mcdonald says:

    oh no, the wav link is to an older track of the month :'(

  6. Ayco says:

    .. and i never stopping loving u!

    Thank u for this.. love it!

  7. swizzler says:

    The wav link is fine… You have to L.Click trhough and the download will start. R. Clicking the wav link and ‘Saving As…” will just get you a .php file.

    The wav d/l’d fine for me…

  8. smaknae says:

    omg yes! finally! thank u guys. i luv u

  9. mag says:

    I hope the times of some more experimental and less commercial stuff aren’t gone forever. This one is ok, but way too commercial while I prefer Melody AM followed by Senior. Most of the rest is just some sort of widespread disco. Please try to keep away from that commercial material as much as possible.

  10. chipokmon says:

    Great song, this made my day! Thanks 😀

  11. Forwox says:


    This is how Royksopp must sound like in future. (mm) Just like in good old Junior times. (h)

    Keep it going IN THIS WAY!


  12. ariadna7 says:

    Aww guys!!! You make me so happy!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back to Mexico pleaseee!
    I love you!!

  13. Mags says:

    thank you guys !!

  14. yamfun says:

    I have been asking for I Wanna Know since you guys played it in Aker Molde Stadion in 2007.

  15. leslieriquelme says:

    Great song, please come to Chile!!!!!! Los esperamos

  16. manumusic says:

    Excelente!!! Gracias!! Los estamos esperando en Argentina!!!!

  17. DENMHIF says:

    Finally!;) Wonderful!

    Btw, who is singing on this track?

    Thank you!

  18. Alexey says:

    perfect! just don’t stop! ever!!!)))

  19. […] Röyksopp sigue aqui … Este mes regalando,  una descarga gratuita de la canción “I Wanna Know […]

  20. looped says:

    i can’t stop listening.

    heard the song first at ur concert in berlin and i was blown away and now i’m back in the days when every second word was röyksopp 🙂

  21. matucana says:

    What a surprise!!!You’re so generous with your fans!I’ve been looking for “I wanna Know” and “Korene= were you ever wanted” from the very first time that i listen to them. I have loved so much the concert versions and i feel a bit disappointed(a very little bit at least!) when i listen to the new sound on “Were you ever wanted”…so confiding in your “never stop giving attitude” i hope that the first version called “Korene” could be one of your track of the month because the song was a little pearl, a soundscape full of royksopp essence!!!!! Anyway all the music that you produce is absolutely gracefull and so far from what you can hear around!!love Matucana from Italy

  22. Moitah says:

    Ho. My. God, this is AWESOME !

  23. Sounds Fantastic 😀 !
    Thank u guys.

  24. trisantelmo says:

    I Love this song! It´s really great =D ¿Whose are the vocals?, they´re really great =D

    I would like that “Where ever you wanted” been the next Track of the month (as matucana xD); i´ve been so afortunated to listened to it and it… uff… I love it!!!

    ¡Alberto From Spain!

  25. DJ The Fade says:

    Yaaay! You’re Back ! What A Fantastic Awesome Track of the Month ! 😀
    I Miss You Tooooo Much Svein and Torbjorn 🙁
    Senior is Awesome ! I hope the Next Album will be as Energetic as Melody AM 🙂
    Guys I sent you a message at “[email protected]” but you didn’t reply yet 🙁
    I hope you reply soon 🙂
    I Love You Forever and After Forever, and After After Forever 🙂
    Hugs and Kisses,

  26. Svein says:

    Hi “DENMHIF”, just to clearify; the vocals are sung by us ie. Svein’s doing the lead, Torbjörn and Anneli (Drecker) on backing… Thanks xB+B

  27. VK says:

    Wow! Is that You, RYXP? Could You please be so kind to overwrite Senior in this energetic style and WORDS?
    Kiddin’ This one is so coooooooool!

  28. Mel A.M. says:

    what a great gift this is! Is it already Christmas??


  29. nlederer says:

    wow. this track is amazing! Keep up the good work.

  30. wattsy says:

    Love this tune. Really disco. You guys rock!

  31. Guill says:

    No sign of Remind Me (Tom Middleton Dub) c’mon guys give us some back catalogue.You seem very clueless regarding what fans want.


  32. Gustavo says:

    Thank you very much for give us the opportunity to enjoy your music!!

    A master track again !

    Please come to Mexico !!!

  33. Magical says:

    Oh wonderful!! Thanks so much for giving us a new track every month! Like every month I get the news letter – head over here and listen to the track while I download the wav. Then I tell my friends all about it and link them here – it’s gotten quite a few more fans in the process 😀

  34. andruslp86 says:


    when they come to latin america?


    you are the best of indie electronic!!!!


  35. Rina says:

    Yay! Thank you! ~♥

  36. Ayse Koc says:

    This is the REAL ROYKSOPP after THIS SPACE. action with electronism:) You go guys, I like you in this way!!!!

  37. geremia says:


  38. Charlie-Brown says:

    Even though I realy love Senior, it’s good to hear you this way again. Great job guys !!!

  39. MisterBunny says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! I was looking for this song since I’ve heard from one of ur concerts! thank you so much!

  40. rpaloalto says:

    WOW! this is one sweet track, thanks guys. I want more like this.
    After listening to senior for the last 4 weeks this ”I wanna know” track is a nice change of pace. Back to the jr. sound

    Anyway thanks for all the free tracks you give us each month:)

  41. Jokke says:

    Fantastisk! Made my day! 😀

  42. andrea25 says:

    big thanks from italy 😉

  43. ramoseven says:

    sick tune hope you guys let us here new songs for two years each month schut be sick but damm im HAPPY UP HERE you guys keep on rocking come to holland again

  44. Mons_e says:

    Pleasee, pleasee, pleaseeeee come back Mexico soon!! 🙁

  45. Live in Rio says:

    You are the best in this style !!!!!

    please come to BRAZIL !!!!!!!!!!

    The: Otavio

  46. jorge_rl says:

    I’m still loving Melody A.M.
    But this track is also very good! 😀

  47. isagag says:


  48. Olie says:

    Love this track! Keep ’em coming!

  49. lindseynpt says:

    aca en México dejaron muuchos fans!

  50. reiced says:

    So awesome! Is it possible to release the instrumental version of it? It just sounds so awesome =)

  51. aoza says:

    Very Imagination Track!

  52. aoza says:

    I Wanna Know – This Is Best Hit Track!

  53. andyoo says:

    “I Wanna Know” how to be as cool as Röyksopp.


  54. chromal says:

    Thanks for this free release, guys! I can’t wait to receive my UK-import Senior LP album!

  55. haz says:

    I played your album for the people who was asleep after a party, they stopped snoring,

  56. vkindustrial says:

    Azért durva, hogy a Track Of The Month-ból jobb dalokat lehet letöltögetni, mint a Senior című – számomra – felejthető album. Kár volt azt a “nyugdíjas-öreguras” lemezt erőltetni. Én inkább vártam volna még 1 évet, hogy egy tényleg csúcs Röyksopp dalokat tartalmazó albumot élvezhessek, mint pl. az I Wanna Know. Ez az, amiért a Röyksopp-ot szeretem, és valószínűleg nem vagyok vele egyedül. Még egy olyan baklövést, mint a Senior volt, ne kövessetek el.
    Az október hónap dala: 10 pont a 10-ből. 🙂

  57. ekran says:

    All I can say is: Røyksopp Forever!

  58. sonia says:

    Excellent! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You always have freshwebradio support!
    keep music-ing! :-)))))))))

  59. zyla says:

    vkiindustrial -> Ízlések és pofonok, de azért nem nevezném baklövésnek az albumot! Kicsit próbálj disztingválni…
    Mióta létezik a Royksopp, folyamatos a színvonal és a stílus, mindenféle hangulatú albumuk van, ez most ilyen lett!!!!!!!
    tehát én azért ennek is örülök, mint rajtam kívül még pár százezer ember.
    “This Space” is also gorgeous, but this was simply awesome.

  60. ur the greatest electronic musicians ever existed!
    i love your music very much! thank you!

  61. Ady says:

    Can’t get enough of these guys ! Love it !

  62. lordblip says:

    Ame el sonido de esta canción, simplemente genial y bailable, los queremos en Chile pronto.

  63. Distephano says:

    Another amazing song. Thanks guys!

  64. iworshipthemoon says:

    I love every single song you guys have ever made. Every single one. It is impossible for you to make a song that ISN’T amazing.

    I love you Röyksopp.

  65. rom49140 says:

    Quel plaisir pour les oreilles ! J’ai attendu Senior avec impatience, vous ne m’avez encore une fois pas déçu, et ça depuis Melody A.M.. Vous êtes de grands musiciens, parmis les meilleurs des années 2000, et ça va continuer pour les années 2010. Torbjorn, Svein, on vous attend en France !!! Royksopp forever !

  66. p2b says:

    Ya rocks guys !
    Yet waiting you here in Milan: nobody will ever forget that incredible night you gifted all of us few years ago at ROlling Stones … more than 3 hours of live performance, You and all of us really kicked out the concert hall by the property owner who switched off the electric power 🙂
    Pier Paolo

  67. This could easily have been a hit single, but big thanks for giving it away for free!
    Wav. dwnld as always

  68. geremia says:

    sorry… a simple “thanks” is too few.

    A m a z i n g ! 🙂

  69. dursus says:

    Oh. Mah. Gawd.
    What just happened? You guys just blew my mind! I love it!
    Thanks for the early birthday present!

  70. leslieriquelme says:

    No me cansaré de pedirles, si es necesario cada día, que vengan a Chile!!!!!

  71. discuzting says:

    Can you guys make a instrumental version of “I wanna know”?

  72. m1a1 says:

    Fckn brilliant!!!!!! as always! u guys make total masterpieces. ur music makes me forget where i am

  73. PRADAHIT says:


  74. Sprey says:

    Best track of the month yet, awesome!
    P.S. would have liked some more vocal work like this on senior 🙁

  75. Rasmus Freek says:

    Finally!!! this track is too fine to be heard live on youtube only. thank you for this, you just made my weekend


  76. anya says:

    OMG! Love it forever! you r geniuses!!!!!!

  77. Farhad says:

    this is great guys great, i love you :*

  78. pressure21 says:

    Epic Song…
    Can You give us “Shine On Like The Stars” in next month….
    I like this song so much……
    <3 Royksopp the best electronic duo!!!!

  79. thebisonx says:

    Absolutely wicked tune.

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  81. jdwin7443 says:

    Where have you been hiding this one? Amazing!

  82. Snow says:

    Just amazing, as always 🙂 Thx
    I’m patiently waiting for your live version of “Eple”………..

  83. reinis says:

    I mean, this should’ve been on the album!! It is an amazing song! Simply incredible!!

  84. psyhol83 says:

    You are the best!!!

    Please come to Poland 🙂

  85. t says:

    denne låta er bare så utrolig herlig !! <3

  86. luvondrokswnoice says:

    GAH I’M SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS SEXY SEXY TRACK AT LAST! Please make your next album full of tracks like this.

  87. manumusic says:


  88. radiowave says:

    Russia is waiting!! Мы любим Вас!

  89. carlesgs says:

    Sois los mejores!, increíble track!, os esperamos en España!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. seymorebutts says:

    real good work! greatings from Portugal

  91. turboaleks says:

    filen er fjernet :O dere må legge den ut igjen! jeg vil ha den!!! genial låt!

  92. titoti says:

    VERY AWESOME SONG. Greatings from France
    listening royksopp since 5 years

  93. wcd says:

    I’ve like this track since you released it last year, but I accidentally started playing this in mid track cranked up a lot louder than I usually do. Yeee-Haww! Some songs are just meant to be heard loud.

    Tusen takk!

    I hope you come to Phoenix, Arizona some day.

    (I can’t believe people complained about this *!*FREE*!* song. Come on people, if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it and don’t complain to Röyksopp. They’ve done you no harm. Besides, how many artists did you used to love, but they lost their muse and your interest from pounding the same nail album after album? I hope Röyksopp always follows their muse.)

  94. cliff.s. says:

    New and enthused fan (with the tshirt to prove)…bummed my fav track I Wanna Know mp3 link no longer working. Thanks for all the others…you guys inspire!!!

  95. shaurz says:

    Could you possible re-upload the mp3? The download link doesn’t work any more 🙁

  96. iwannaknow says:

    Just heard this song today(a little late …i know) and i’ve already listened to it over a 100 times! you guys are music GODS!

  97. bce says:

    Couldn’t resist being the 100th post 🙂 After 2 years, it still sounds great!!

  98. 1881art says:

    Svein: I really love it when you guys do your own vocals. The vocoder’s are fun too, but…

  99. jb80s says:

    download links are broken :'(