Make the videos for ‘Senior’!

4th November, 2010

Röyksopp have partnered with for a music video competition featuring all 9 tracks from their new album, Senior. You choose the track, make your video and upload it to the site. We’ll choose a winner for each track with an overall winner from that shortlist of nine videos. The overall winner will receive $3,000 whilst the rest of the shortlist will each receive $1,000. Entries close on Jan 17. Check the site below for all the tracks and comp details and good luck!

Competition page:

Opens: Nov 4
Closes: Jan 17
Voting ends: Jan 19
Finalists: Jan 20
Winners: Jan 21

Overall winner: $3,000
8 x track winners: $1,000
Selection shown at Royksopp BUG event at the BFI London.

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10 Responses

  1. Dominic says:

    I am gettin on that one ASAP!!! I already have a great idea in mind for “Coming Home” I cannot wait to film it!!! 😀

  2. DJ The Fade says:

    Yeey ! That’s Awsome Guys ! I have a brilliant idea for

    “The Alcoholic”, I bet you guys will like it 🙂

    I Love You forever Torbjorn and Svein,

  3. Yuliya ManGo says:

    Dear Royksopp! My name is Yulia, I am writing to you from the Ukraine! I am a very big fan of yours! Thank you for the wonderful music, and especially for the song “I wanna know” and “You dont have a clue”! But I wanted to ask you about something … I also like the song “Poor Leno”! But the video for this song just awful! I’ve never seen a more ill-clip! Leno is very – very nice, but I’m so sorry for him!(( I cry every time Im watch this clip! Especially the moments where he draws with the spoon mountains on the wall, .. wrote the word “help” or ask to eat … terrifies me ((He has such sad eyes, I just can not accept the fact that he had died in captivity ((That would be very cruel of you! So I just beg you to remove the continuation of the story with a happy ending. Where Leno returned to the mountains,to his family and friends, and his eyes never been so sad. The story simply must be a happy ending! I beg of you about it! Leno does not deserve such a cruel fate at …
    Sorry that I write here, but I do not know where else to turn …
    Good luck in deeds and in the writing of hits =)
    With love from Ukraine, Yulia.

  4. AlvinGordian says:

    I have no experience in filming, but I do have a few good ideas. I hope I get around to submitting an entry. If not, I still can’t wait to see all of the videos. 😀

  5. Jankolli says:

    I’m getting on this too, I have ideas for both Forsaken Cowboy and Coming Home.

    I just Dominic doesn’t “steal” my idea 😛

  6. Dominic says:

    Just to update my idea is in its beginning filming stages. I want to thank you guys for making Senior. Ever since ‘The Understanding’ helped me through and chronicled a horrible five year depression I went through I have always thought of your music as a healing material for me. When I listen to ‘The Understanding’ I think of those times and it reminds me of how far I come and currently ‘Senior’ is helping me through a very rough time and with this video contest it is helping me express what I am going through emotionally and will indeed make my acting and ideas so much more in the soppian fashion. I may not have the best equipment or the best video editor but I am armed with a camera and an imagination and that is enough for me. My video for ‘Coming Home’ should be pretty amazing 🙂 Sorry if I overloaded you with this message but I had the need to express my gratitude. you guys are more than than just musicians to me. I consider you friends, fellow human beings and people who understand. Thanks guys 🙂

  7. Julian says:

    Hello everybody,
    I’m gonna make a video for ” The Fear” ,
    hope you will enjoy it, I’m a big fan by the way, (Addicted to tricky tricky).

  8. Sailor_Moon says:

    Wow! I’ve had such an idea other day
    It would be nice to make tiny Senior film featuring all the tracks and videos
    What about hidden track “The Final Day” (if im not mistaken)? Is it allowed to make video on this song?

  9. Rina says:

    I would have loved to have attempted a video for you guys, but unfortunately I am not that good at making videos!! On the other hand, I am a writer. I have written pieces inspired by your wonderful music as well as created pieces of art.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

    (A fan originally from Guernsey, Channel Islands)