Röyksopp return to tour the USA and Canada!

18th November, 2010

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Fri 18th March Toronto, The Guvernment – Buy Tickets / More Details
Sat 19th March Montreal, Club Soda – Buy Tickets / More Details
Mon 21st March New York, Webster Hall – Buy Tickets / More Details
Wed 23rd March Washington DC, 9:30 Club – Buy Tickets / More Details
Thur 24th March Atlanta, Masquerade – Buy Tickets / More Details

The band will also be playing at Ultra Music Festival as part of Miami WMC 2011!

Fri 25th March Miami, Ultra Music Festival – Buy Tickets / More Details

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45 Responses

  1. Snow says:

    Lucky USA

  2. kaven says:

    come to minneapolis! there are LOTS of people who would love you here. Robyn was recently here as well! she was well received as will you guys!

  3. Sofia says:

    Come to Italy too, please!!! I miss you!

  4. Please consider a US West Coast: LA, SF, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver BC, Canada

  5. LA – Henry Fonda Theater?
    SF – The Fillmore?
    Portland, OR ??
    Seattle, WA Nuemos or Showbox (Sodo or Market locations)?
    Vancouver, BC, Canada ??

  6. EFKO says:

    Please make all posible for come to Mexico…last time you played her the tickes were sold out :)……

    Maybe my country is very weird and not so profitable as the market of US, but let me tell you that in Mexico there are many Royksopp Fans. I am one. Your music is all for me and I d like to be in another Royksopps concert, but I cant expense so much money and go to US :(….

    Viva Royksopp!!! Royksopp Forever!!!

  7. jlmadrid says:

    What about Texas dude?

  8. iworshipthemoon says:

    I can not describe how amazing this is!!!!!
    Röyksopp is comming to Canada!!! I’ll see you in Montreal!!!

    And better yet, You’re going to bring Anneli Drecker with you!!!!!
    The best singer of all time!!!!


    -Your loving fan from Canada

  9. thebisonx says:

    Just bought my ticket for the show in Montreal. I have been wanting to see you guys for so long, and finally I will get to! So excited!

  10. Olie says:

    YESSSS! It’s been way too long since you’ve graced us with your awesome gigs!

  11. AlvinGordian says:

    I’m so excited about this. I was hoping you’d come to the US soon.
    Hopefully I’ll attend the Atlanta or Miami concert. 😀

  12. Dimard says:

    Please, We vome back to Mexico… the last concert in 2009 was spectacular…. all the people singing “Remind Me” and “Only This Moment”

  13. Sordidclot says:

    serious come to LA!!!!

  14. nee says:

    Thanks for sending the good frequencies to DC. I’ll be there in two seconds. 🙂

  15. leslieriquelme says:


  16. Sae Dam says:

    Please come to S.Korea again! :0

  17. DJ The Fade says:

    YEEEEY ! 🙂
    I Can’t Believe You Guys Are Actually Coming .. !! 🙂
    I’ll Be The First One in the First Row 🙂
    See you in Montreal Guys and Love You Forever and After Forever !
    Fadel (K) 🙂

  18. catracho says:


  19. bibix says:

    Please come to Italy!!We need you here!

  20. o_Ogabriel says:

    Let’s go to Brazil! 🙂

  21. manumusic says:

    Hey!!!! Cuando en ARGENTINA??? (When in ARGENTINA???)!!!

  22. Jérôme says:

    Is it really sold out in Montreal????

  23. mattyry38 says:

    Already sold out in NY & DC 🙁

  24. lensma says:

    love you love you love you love you !!!!!!!

  25. dsb says:

    if you do decide to hit l.a., add a vancouver date as well. cheers!

  26. Senor A says:

    You’re neglecting the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Seattle or Vancouver, please! It’s been since 2005 since you’ve been to this part of the country. I will beg. Don’t make me do it.

  27. shutupman says:

    Pretty sure I’ll be there on the 18th 🙂

  28. ak says:

    I agree with Senor A.
    Oh Röyksopp, please come to Vancouver, Canada!
    Please, please, please, please, please!

  29. miltonberle says:

    West coast: Portland or San Francisco!!!

  30. Dominic says:

    Where is our track of the month??? 🙁

  31. micca says:

    We definitely need more cities on this tour! I’ve been waiting forever for your trip back to the States and I’m very disappointed that you aren’t making it to Boston. That Paradise show was far too long ago! I feel the pain of the West-coasters and everyone else who won’t get a chance to see you next year because of show locality.

  32. goshamgo says:

    i second the chicago plan. please come.

  33. Growlgrowl says:

    Come on….when are we getting a lovely big fat European tour…stopping off in sunny Scotland!!

  34. cwparker says:

    So happy that you chose DC. Cant wait as your visit is LONG overdue. See you there!!

  35. lorilackey says:

    Please release more pre-sale tickets for Washington D.C.

  36. Loki says:

    Please come to Austin, Tx!! I mean come on our nickname’s “The Music Capitol of the World” and we host SXSW and ACL Fest.

  37. deejayzaq says:

    please come to chicago (or detroit)

    you’re always stopping in new york. that’s too far to drive.

  38. Mlle M says:

    Please come to LA!!! The weather will be so much nicer here. 🙂 And we love you!

  39. Tahgent says:

    I don’t know where to ask you this question. But since it’ related to your live shows, I guess this place is ok.

    Where do you buy your awesome clothes? You guys have an interesting style. I live in Bergen, so maybe it’s possible that you can list up your favorite stores?

  40. chakragirl19 says:

    please come to California, L.A.!! ^-^ don’t focus only on dumpy old new york. come to Los Angeles!!! i love u guys, ur music is the best ever!! i’m hopefully going to the Atlanta concert. i’ve been a fan for a long time, ever since i first found out about u guys from the Geico ad with “Remind Me”. i loved The Understanding and the bonus disk, and Junior is my favorite!! ^-^ i also love “The Drug” and i absolutely love “A Long, Long Way”! come to L.A.!! i want u here!! ^-^

  41. chakragirl19 says:

    well, i don’t mean ur music is the best ever. Lady Gaga’s and Britney Spears’ r the best ever, and also Adam Lambert’s. but u guys r one of my favorite groups. i love Junior! ^-^ btw, u guys aren’t gay by any chance, r u? ^-^

  42. chakragirl19 says:

    *oops i meant i absolutely love the “The Final Day”!! ^-^

  43. seniabird says: