Wait a minute…

4th November, 2010

…why aren’t you guys posting “Track Of The Month” for November? Well, we are. But not just right now. See, the “T.O.T.M.” is a fleeting phenomenon; it will not always be available on the first day of the month. But there will however, be a new track for each month. So in conclusion we can say that a track for November is coming, but we just need to give it the final touch before we put it up there. OK? Right.

In the meantime, why don’t you browse through the wonderful world of sleeve- and cover-art found on this site:

It’s been running for a few years, but it’s always good for a “quick fix”…



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25 Responses

  1. LazPalmiqum says:

    Is it “Fat Burner”?

  2. bondeulv says:

    Awesome site, thanks for the link =)

  3. matucana says:

    I’m completely hung up on you and on your special production! excitement is increasing minute by minute!!!let’s get ready for the bomb explosion!!forever yours

  4. Ok! no problem guys lol.
    Still cannot buying “Senior” in Argentina 🙁 i hope it will be soon.

  5. dirtydoo says:

    Can’t wait to hear the new track and cant wait for senior to drop in the states on cd.

  6. Senor A says:

    Well, genius can’t be rushed. 🙂 Thanks for your attention to detail. Your production techniques are unmatched. Btw, I’d love to hear some remixes of older songs by you guys. Especially the versions you played live the past year. What first comes to mind are the two different versions of Alpha Male played live last year. One had a unique opening and a different bridge. The other was a completely different interpretation. Studio versions of those would be great! Cheers and thanks again Röyksopp!

  7. Senor A says:

    Oh, I almost forgot! The new version of So Easy you guys played live recently was incredible! You breathed new life into it. Would love to see a studio version of this see the light of day. Ok, that is all. =)

  8. Thanks for the heads up Svein. I don’t mind waiting throughout the month for the song. I still regularly check the site for a new track or news.

    I bought Senior recently and I’m loving it. The music is just perfect, its old, its retired, its dark, sad and moody. But just right. I was delighted to find the bonus track at the end of ‘A Long, Long Way’.

    The only thing I was disappointed with the album was the almost too simple album cover, and the lack of cover art inside (there was no booklet). I would’ve like more art-wise, but I guess the focus is the music.

    Apart from that great job! It was truly worth buying!

  9. PRADAHIT says:


  10. DJ The Fade says:

    Take Your Time !
    I Would Wait Forever for Your Music 🙂
    Don’t Listen To The Nagging Ones; Quality Definitely Requires Time..
    Love You Svein and Torbjorn Forever,
    Fadl 🙂

  11. thebisonx says:

    Looking forward to hearing it!

  12. yamfun says:

    I liked “Circuit Breaker” very much, will you guys make more like that track?

  13. Snow says:

    Wouldn’t mind at all you giving away your 2009/2010-live version of “Eple” 🙂 Please 😉

  14. giusto says:

    everyday on this site searching for a new song of the magicians, genii Seniors….
    Take your time!
    for the coming months a readjustment of “a Higher place” will be fantastic!
    Do you agree?

    Royksopp Forever!
    City of Milan and Garda Lake are with you!

  15. jdwin7443 says:

    Royksopp is very generous to give free tracks out at all. I like every single Track of the month with my favorite being I Wanna Know. It would be nice to see it remixed but really more extended.

  16. Smart Apple says:

    Can’t wait! 😀

  17. Smart Apple says:

    TOTM for December soon, lol

    I kid, I kid, take your time 🙂

  18. LazPalmiqum says:


  19. yamfun says:

    hey hey, it’s Nov 30 already

  20. Frida Frost says:

    Tomorrow it’s december O_o …Where’s november’s track of the month??

  21. richie98521 says:

    But there will however, be a new track for each month.

    they say it will be a track for this month but not that it will be released this month so calm down

  22. Dominic says:

    So the month of my birthday and no gift from Royksopp of a nice TOTM 🙁 well there better be two christmas gifts from you guys under my christmas tree then 🙁

  23. polluted says:

    A lie.

  24. Snow says:

    Personally I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait 😉 Anyway I’m thankful for u guys giving away your music – who else does that 🙂
    I also wonder if u will play anything from or the entire “Senior” on your US tour?

  25. Rudolf says: