Track Of The Month November / December: Le Cantique de Noel

Wait a minute, just one ‘track of the month’ for both months?

Ok, please allow us to explain: A separate track, initially destined to become ‘track of the month’ November, HAS been made. However, an unexpected opportunity rose, and after careful deliberation we decided to not to use it as a ‘track of the month’ November. All we can say at this point is that we are going to use it in the future. Sorry about this, but we assure you that it is for the better in the long run. That has left us with just one track for both November and December. We hope you understand.

Now that that’s over with, let’s get to the good stuff. This time around, on the receiving end of our special treatment we find an instrumental ‘harp only’ version of a well known Christmas song; the very old-school Le Cantique de Noël. We went to a strange place with this one, fusing drums, choir and SFX together to create a version that perhaps is a bit like what a person in the early 1970’s could imagine Christmas music would sound like in the future. The future, like in 2010.

So, we hope you like it, and whatever you do this season, HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM RöYKSOPP!