West Coast USA and Mexico dates added!

6th January, 2011

After so many of you asked for it via the Comments, Facebook and Twitter, Röyksopp will be extending their stay in America to add two Californian dates to their existing dates! They will also be playing a special show in Mexico City.

See the dates below, tickets for LA and San Francisco are on sale via the Röyksopp Ticket Store now!

26th March Mexico City, Hipodromo de las americas – Buy Tickets / More Details
28th March San Francisco, The Grand Ballroom @ Regency – Buy Tickets / More Details
29th March Los Angeles DC, The Wiltern – Buy Tickets / More Details

34 Responses

  1. chakragirl19 says:

    i can’t believe ur actually coming to LA!! i just hope u play some songs from Junior… 😉

  2. kevinells says:

    I am seeing you guys in DC., but live in LA. And you can bet your ass I am getting tickets to the show here. Saw your last two visits to LA, last year and like 4 years back in Hollywood. So much fun, such great tracks, thanks for putting LA on the tour. We love you in SoCal.

  3. Veronikf says:

    and South America… wheeeeen? please ^_^
    i’m from Chile.

  4. kaven says:

    well thats great! but u guys forgot Minneapolis/Chicago!

  5. dagatroma says:

    Hey guys don’t forget Guadalajara Mexico, there are so many people in here who want’s to see you two in action… v_v thanks aniway, and please keep doing music like today =)

  6. Snow says:

    When will u be playing in Norway? You are more than welcome in Tønsberg 🙂

  7. leslieriquelme says:

    Por favor bajen un poco más, we wait for you in CHILE!!!!!

  8. tworivers says:

    Any chance you guys might add a few dates up in Cascadia, i.e. Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver? You haven’t played Portland since the Understanding tour and that show was sold out!! What’s it going to take to get you back?

  9. Dimard says:

    I had faith that you will return to Mexico and more because I’m from Mexico City and I met … but I would like to give a small tour of South America to further get to see or know your Music

    Yo tenía la fe de que ustedes regresan a México y más porque soy de La Ciudad de México y se me cumplió… pero me gustaría que dieran una pequeña gira por Sudamérica para que allá los logren ver o conocer su música

  10. leslieriquelme says:

    I don’t believe this!! A lot of people wait for you in Chile!!! I’m so happy!!!!

  11. supergomez says:

    Chile waits for you. Do not hesitate to come here. We’ve been expecting you for years now!! You will not be dissapointed at all…

  12. Spaceboy says:

    You know I really like it
    I know I’ll always be here
    You know it makes my heart beat
    You know I’m happy up here!

    We will waiting for in Chile!

  13. I can not believe, is incredible. We will be waiting in Chile.
    Thanks for the wonderful response

  14. James says:

    Hi Royksopp – Senior is fantastic!

    Please don’t stop making music.

    All the best and good luck with the tour!

  15. Sordidclot says:


  16. leslieriquelme says:

    I’m listening COMING HOME by Senior, please come to Chile, we were waiting for you!!!!

  17. GoGo_Fatale says:

    Any chance Chicago could be a stop? If not…I’ll be driving 9 hours to see you guys in Atlanta. I must experience your music LIVE!

  18. Aby G says:

    WOW!!! Royksopp in Mexico!!!!! (for the second time)

    I will definitely go, can wait for this gig 🙂

    See you guys in march 😉

  19. ikarinoame says:

    Yes we will be! — in chile??? when ????

    we wait for you in CHILE!!!!!

  20. profe_nooo says:

    Come to Chile, please!!!

  21. xaqread says:

    Hey Royksopp, We need you back in the UK!

  22. akdmico says:

    heeey! P L E A S E !!! guadalajaraaa in mexicoo =D

  23. shrumling says:

    Sunny Orlando Florida loves you and wants you!

  24. EFKO says:

    TAKK!!!! Thank you very much guys!! Muchas Gracias!!!! I am so glad you are returning to Mexico city!!! I am going to take a big Norway flag to the concert, or I dotn know but I am going to do something crazy! jajajaja


    EFKO-Forsaken Cowboy!

  25. césarmoz says:

    Your Show in Santiago – Chile is in Lollapalooza????? Fans need the POWER of Royksopp in our country!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!/group.php?gid=264765696275&v=wall


  26. monocasero says:

    Please come to Guadalajara, Mexico!

  27. chakragirl19 says:

    i adore the last song on Senior! 😉 i await ur next album!
    i really wanna go to the LA concert! see u guys!

  28. debbiedarko says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Guys are you comming to México with Karin Dreijer? As the last time you came to México?

  29. gonycat says:

    hello I’m from mexico city!!!!!! los estare esperando! ; )

  30. phistyle says:

    Any chance you’ll be coming to Houston or Austin, Texas? The South needs love too!

    Or in the alternative, COACHELLA?? =)

  31. leslieriquelme says:


  32. triumphant_kmy says:

    Your music is amazing…
    Chile is waiting for you

  33. Snow says:

    WOW!!!!!!! U will be playing in Tønsberg this summer 🙂 Thank u thank u thank u