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  1. ness says:

    Hello! We are Röyksopp’s fans from Chile, and we did a great effort in order to participate in the contest of videos for the Senior Album.
    We are not videographers neither actors, but we did our best.
    Anyhow, genero tv did not select our video, and didn’t published it, so i thinked to posted here, cause our biggest price and honor will be that you could watch it, so all the hours invested will make total sense.
    Here’s the link of the video :

    We know that is not really profesional, but we were focused on making as much entertainment as we could and tried to go along with the music.
    Thanks for all your music!!! … and we’re looking forward to see you live!

  2. kaven says:

    concerning the US tour. I know for a fact that a lot of people would enjoy Royksopp coming to the midwest. So much in fact that people are willing to drive to chicago if needs be, We need to hear Royksopp in the midwest. Minneapolis or Chicago! don’t leave us hanging!

  3. Jenny says:

    Oh guys its really??? ))) I so glad!

  4. césarmoz says:


    COME ON GUYS!!!!!!

  5. funkysnave says:

    please add a chicago date too!!!! i cant believe you are skipping it