Foresaken Cowboy to be released

27th January, 2011

Regarded as one of Royksopp’s finest works, ‘Forsaken Cowboy’ was many people’s favorite track from the Senior LP and it’s no surprise that the duo have now chosen to release it as a single. Combining the majestic ambient sounds that you can hear right across the album, they are able to find the perfect balance of both electronica and acoustica. It’s a thing of real beauty.

In typical Royksopp style, the single will feature a secretive, unnamed and as yet unheard B-side… Stay tuned to for more news

8 Responses

  1. matucana says:

    It’s fantastic!!!One of my favourite Track are going to be released!!
    Italy looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jankolli says:

    YES! This is great news. The track is near my all-time favourite, and it also adds atmosphere to the gameplay of Fallout: New Vegas.

    I hope there’ll be some remixes(albeit not thump-thump ones)

  3. mtb0minime says:

    Great news! And a funny coincidence, too. I had previously overlooked the track, but over the past weeks have since gone back and been listening to it over and over again. So good! Definitely one of your finest works.

  4. bce says:

    a remix would be nice!

  5. Svein91 says:

    Honestly i prefer “Senior Living”. It’s very amazing.

  6. Smart Apple says:

    The b-Side is probably the November TOTM they never used.

  7. nee says:

    I wasn’t one of those people…although it is a nice track. The Fear for me is where its at. And I’m glad you included it on this album. I really needed it.

  8. Guill says:

    Hope we can get a proper cd single with all the mixes in it.Wall of Sound can you hear me?