Senior Video Competition Winners!

1st February, 2011

After much deliberation the winners for the Royksopp Senior music video competition have been chosen by the band. Apologies for the delay but because of the number of quality entries it was an extremely tough choice!

And now for the winners…the following videos were chosen by Royksopp, Wall of Sound and PIAS and each will receive $1,000, while the overall winner gets $3,000. There is also some feedback below on their choices for each track.

Congratulations to all of the winners, well done to everyone and thanks to for hosting the competition!

Let us know which is your favorite in the comments at the bottom of the page… enjoy Senior in video form below or watch the YouTube playlist!

The Overall winner is The Alcoholic by lluismiras (Argentina)

lluismiras just pips it as a winner though, capturing brilliantly the Royksopp sense of the bizarre within the mundane. This well shot piece has good narrative and story telling is simple but effective, the use of detail close up shots create a real anticipation and add to the feeling of sinister overtones. The light and the colours really help this clip standout but it is the slight twist as the women begin to dance that is the real pay off in this video that just makes it Royksopp. This is also our choice as the overall winner, so lluismiras will receive the $3,000 prize.

…And the forest began to Sing by MikeAmin (United States)

The winner though for us is MikeAmin. From all the entries he seemed to be one of the only ones that had paid attention to the band’s thoughts on the album and if you like in this case the brief. His graphic, hypnotic spiral works well with the music and the opening helped set out the story of the album and for us answered the brief; ‘the moment of anticipation’; ‘gearing up’; like the protagonist had opened a case of drugs’. His choice of images was good and thoughtful – even ending the piece with a ‘Bug’, something our friends at the BFI will surely pick up on.

Tricky Two by a02jimah (United States)

The winner though is Jimmy Ahlander, though maybe by default as although he did not finish the piece for the duration of the track – the wolf ate his homework – his video was the most fitting with the band’s ideas and the album being a whole and this piece preludes nicely the impending fear to come. The clip has a nice graphic sense and stylish set up the TV and with use of stock footage is reminiscent of Royksopp’s first budget video ‘Eple’. The idea of dreams creates an interesting narrative and more in line with the bands ideas of their music. Hopefully Jimmy winning this category will inspire him to finish the piece.

Senior Living by CONTENTed (South Korea)

CONTENTed‘s film was an obvious winner in this category for us. There was an idea of ‘Senior Living’ and not just a piece of music to sound-bed a narrative and what’s not to like about a video with a Ferrari in it! Obviously the access to talent or a budget helped this accomplished piece of film but it was well thought out and had a real sense of the off the wall humour that can often be seen in some of Royksopp’s projects. This piece has good characterisation – although maybe one too many lollipops – that you could really buy into and the narrative was enthralling from the start to the finish of the piece. It also used the city as a great set for this story to help create a style for the whole piece.

The Drug by ejnsof (Poland)

The winner though is from ejnsof, who again may have just pipped it by standing out from some of the other entries, and listening to the artist. His lo-fi digital animation, struck a chord with the band that were after a ‘highly synthetic drug, the latest craze, gentle at first’ and this clip seems to deliver this. Again a good musical piece the animation though simply styled takes you on a journey, trip, that progresses through the piece. The character comes in at various stages, reminding you of the dangers and eventually, this time, you parachute out to safety. Who knows if you’ll be so lucky next time.

Forsaken Cowboy by Matt Phantom (United Kingdom)

Matt Phantom wins this category by a horses nose as his ‘flawed cowboy tries to cope’. This piece is reminiscent of the bands EPK’s in telling a story of an outsider individual whose eccentric behavior puts him at odds with society and continues the story of the album along its logical progression, each video and track being as important to the overall as the one before or after and be ‘regarded as part of one greater entity’.

The Fear by Balázs Gyory (Hungary)

Balázs Győry is our winner though whose strangely ambiguous piece seems to answer the band’s brief of ‘The reaction to the life you’ve led. It’s sneaking back upon you. Haunting’. The clip itself builds up a sense of danger with its good, musical fast editing and the intrigue is well paced as Balázs uses the music to help increase the sense of Fear and by doing so keeps the viewers interest for the duration of the long track. The clip is stylish without being over styled, simple but effective masks and good use of a limited colour palette.

Coming Home by SORDINA (Colombia)

SORDINA is our winner here. Their vision of ‘Finding Peace’ was musical, stylish, warm and comforting and a great example of a simple idea done well. Memories are happening all around us and that is what makes our home home. It wasn’t reliant on any special post production techniques and is a well shot nicely edited piece of film.

A Long, Long Way / Coming Home by ianpahute (United Kingdom)

The winner here is ianpahute, his artistic take on the bands brief ‘descending or ascending feeling, until you are released from this mortal coil’ is beautifully illustrated with Ian’s free-falling figure. This abstract piece although more a visual maybe than a video, complements the music and is a fitting end for this album project that sees our hero falling through his own private purgatory.