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  1. albertthewolf says:

    after this horrible afternoon in Oslo, i want to do my solidarity … peace & love from Venice-Italy
    Senor A.

  2. Mrs Barbie T (Ken) Brundtland baby mama says:

    sending my love to the citizens of Oslo,Norway as well as surrounding cities. To the Royksopp camp: I hope all are safe as well as your friends and family.

    Much Love,

  3. UppercaseLetterSoup says:

    I’m speechless in face of what happened in Norway yesterday.
    My deepest sympathy for the relatives.

  4. smaknae says:

    My thoughts go out to your country. take care ♥
    hugs from italy

  5. medulla1983 says:

    love to all norway citizens.
    a tought to you, t. and s.
    F, italy