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14 Responses

  1. Bluebandit21 says:

    Just got my tickets^^

  2. Jeff8246 says:

    I got tickets as well — so excited! Flying in from Chicago for it.

  3. LePera says:

    Picked up tickets yesterday.Hope Royksopp is doing a full show since Robyn is top billing on the poster of tickets for sale.Also hope they play their spacier songs since I grew up with Pink Floyd and Prog Rock.James in Big Bear Lake CA.

  4. jeg8 says:

    Looking forward to it, but boy do I wish there were some other way to buy tickets than through Ticketmaster–they are thieves, liars, and cheats.

  5. Mrs Barbie T (Ken) Brundtland baby mama says:

    OMG just got my seating assignment this morning “smiling from ear to ear” DCA to LAX here I come “I LOVE ROYKSOPP”

  6. Mrs Barbie T (Ken) Brundtland baby mama says:

    I’m in the Pool BTW YAY

  7. LePera says:

    Wow! In the Pool D, Row 7,Seats 13 and 14.Look for older active Senior’s Couple..

  8. mllenocinq says:

    Seriously, thank you guys for saving the best seats in the house for the fans! Row One here I come! Is it October yet?

  9. Royksoppforever says:

    Wish I could be there! Have fun everyone!
    Royksopp, you’re always welcome to swing by and play in Portland if you’re bored afterward. If not, could you at least make a 40 minute version of Royksopp Forever? =P

  10. Handon says:

    Haha I also wish I could be there. I hope they will come in Slovenia (or somewhere near :P) to play… Me and my brother are big fans of Royksopp.

  11. kp says:

    yay so excited to see you once again!!! if you guys continue to come out here once a year ill be the happiest girl ever!!!!


  12. Cray23 says:

    It would be great to see you guys, just not at BDO. Could you please notify of any shows outside of the BDO, paritcularly around the sydney, newcastle range? It would be awesome, just BDO can get out of hand.

  13. Cray23 says:

    sorry, wrong post

  14. JUV says:

    Oh my God, come to Buenos Aires, please!