Röyksopp’s Big Day Out

30th September, 2011

Röyksopp are playing this years Big Day Out Festival in Australia and New Zeland, with shows in Auckland, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. See the full line-up and get tickets on the website.

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29 Responses

  1. quantize says:

    Can you let us know if you’ll be playing any shows outside of the tour? Big Day Out is extremely hot and not a very pleasant context to enjoy a gig if you’re over the age of 16

  2. twofortytwo says:

    Please let us know if you end up doing any sideshows! Whilst BDO is a classic staple on the Aussie/NZ summer festival circuit, it’s simply not a pleasant environment to see any show, let alone you guys.

  3. Steff says:

    stoked! also would rather side shows though (for Perth) so if you could let us know before I go buying BDO tickets would be much appreciated 🙂

  4. funkybek says:

    Please, please, please do some sideline gigs! Especially in Perth 😉

  5. sars says:

    Second the request for a sideshow. Wont be at the BDO, but would definitely come and see you guys at another venue.

  6. stuwindu says:


  7. rowee says:

    your 2 biggest fans live in Hobart…please come to TASMANIA!!! or at least do a side show in Melbourne so we don’t have to go to BDO (a cesspool of filth!) 😀

  8. d23 says:

    side show, side show, side show.
    Gold Coast/Brisbane would be amazing.
    Waited sooo many years for this! yay

  9. rkspp says:

    sideshows would be great!! in perth too 🙂
    can’t wait for this!!

  10. stephanie says:

    sydney sideshows! 😀

  11. Miss Lexie says:

    You guys are the only reason why I’d go to Big Day Out this year! PLEASE do a sideshow in Brisbane or Gold Coast!! 🙂

  12. Cray23 says:

    You would be great to see, just not at BDO. Could you please notify of any shows outside of BDO, particularly around the sydney newcastle area? It would be awesome, just not at the BDO, because they can be out of hand

  13. jpstev says:

    Tansplant from the US here in Sydney. I can’t echo the sideshow enough! Someplace cozy in Sydney would be perfect!

  14. Mel_Only says:

    Please please please do a few side shows!!!!!

  15. quantize says:

    Both Kraftwerk and Leftfield each played side gigs at the Enmore theatre in Sydney…highly recommended if ur management are looking at options for sideshows..

    You’d have no problem selling it out since I think your audience spans a wide age range like theirs..

    As you can see from the response, the BDO, whilst being a great tradition here, is not a good environment either acoustically or visually

  16. twofortytwo says:

    No sideshow would definitely be the biggest disappointment of the year. So many people have been waiting for you guys to come down under. But no one really wants to $180 just to see one act. Playing BDO really does alienate a lot of Aussie (and NZ) fans. 🙁

    Sideshow in Brisbane, please!

  17. murdoc_19_2000 says:

    side shows please!!!

  18. bryn.gilbertson says:

    I nearly died when I heard you were coming to New Zealand! You have many fans down here, and you’d certainly be the ONLY reason I’d go to Big Day Out this year. If you decided to do a side show in Wellington (CAPITAL OF NZ!), many people would come I assure you =D Love you guys long time! Huge fan.

  19. green_fairy says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a sideshow in Sydney!!! I will be completely heartbroken otherwise!

  20. josh88 says:

    I plan on seeing you guys perform either way, whether its at bdo or a sideshow. However if you do decide to put on sideshows pleeeease don’t forget Perth 🙂

  21. Tobias Funke [SEQEN] says:

    Definitely do a Melbourne sideshow! =] Much love!

  22. hazy_crazy says:

    My boyfriend and I are huge fans of yours, and we’re excited that you’re coming to Australia. Slightly disappointed it’s at the BDO. We only want to see you and one other band – we can’t afford to fork out that much money just for that :/ Would love if you did a side-show in Adelaide. Or at least come back soon and do some side-shows. This is where your true fans will come out to support you!

  23. stinky says:

    Perth sideshow please!

  24. lannah says:

    Please do a sideshow in Brisbane! BDO does not deserve your awesomeness!

  25. RCV says:

    I saw you guys play at the Roskilde festival years ago and it still stands as the most amazing live gig I’ve ever seen! I won’t be able to make it to the BDO so please, pretty please do a sideshow in Melbourne. Or anywhere really, I’ll fly interstate for it!

  26. Jes says:

    I haven’t been to the BDO since 1999…. Please do some sideshows if you are not locked in to an exclusivity agreement :””( I think 99% of people would rather hear a personal set not a festival set.. Please!!!!


  27. pauli says:

    Why no sideshow in Perth? It would sell out in a second! Sat feb 4 would be ideal for you! Do it

  28. WystanW says:

    Any Clue’s on Pre-Sale password for Melbourne Side show?

  29. rhys2d says:

    Hey…caught your Melbourne side show @ Palace, great, but…I love you guys & need to ‘pipe up’ about your ‘thin on the ground’ efforts, bit suss on the length of performance & venue selection…I paid my dues for ticket, shirt & being from ‘the coast’ (1hr20min drive away) felt a lil’ jibbed on your hour 5 stage departure with average crowd encouragement to come back for 10-15min. Yeah, yeah, were all big time but jeez guys give us a show, as you said yourselves ” a good start to the weekend” a short one at that.