Röyksopp to play Stella Polaris, Copenhagen

19th July, 2012

Röyksopp will be playing a special DJ set at Stella Polaris 2012 in Østre Anlæg, Copenhagen. Other acts on the bill include Chicane, Dirty Vegas, Ben Hoo, Laid Back and more.

Tickets are available from the Stella Polaris website here. RSVP on the Röyksopp Facebook Page here.

Stella Polaris

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9 Responses

  1. nee says:

    Your face looked new against the town…you’ve come to lose some memories…like you…I came…to touch…new grounds…

  2. Deep Space Hero says:

    I miss you guys! It’s been so quiet recently! Hope you’ve got something cool in the tubes 😉

  3. bce says:

    Long time no see guys! What have you been up to, new album coming soon?

  4. ThorpeParkGuru says:

    bce: Album rumoured to be early/mid next year 🙂 check out the track “Modular” on YouTube, it’s fantastic!

    Senors B+B do you reckon you could be amazing and check out my music? You’re massive influences of mine, probably obviously… but yeah that’s be awesome (or indeed any other person who wants to check out some new music please check them out and send me a message on my facebook page or something 😀

  5. ThorpeParkGuru says:

    oh I am a silly goose, I forgot to post a link 😀

  6. BionikScorpio says:

    Torbjorn and Svein
    I was just thinking about you all today. I come here and there is a new post.
    I hope the next time that you all tour America you can do a DJ set at U street Music Hall in Washington, D.C. I saw Robyn there (dj set) on July 8th she sold the place out two nights in a row. I decided to go after seeing you both at the Hollywood Bowl. I hope things are looking up for you guys. Space is the limit.

    much love and stay safe,

  7. nee says:

    BionikScorpio aka Elizabeth I second that motion. Altho, I know of a better place west of there….tons of land…pool…full electric hook up….a kaossilator, 3 different monotrons…and all the food the boys can eat ;p

    What say you B & B?

  8. ediblefood says:

    This tour has been pretty long. I hope to hear some new music soon, I’ve seen some clips of new tracks from some of your live shows, you only played a few for us in Montreal last year.

  9. Jitta138 says:

    Senors B&B, is it true you will make it to Istanbul for the second time at the end of september?