3 Responses

  1. Paradox Uncreated says:

    Ikke mye som skjer på site`n? Gi meg en pling, om du vil ha remiks på noe passende.

    Fred være med deg.

  2. matucana says:

    I miss you so much!I’m really really looking forward to hearing from you guys!

  3. andra says:


    Off topic and belatedly, I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am very happy you made it to Romania this summer, and I am very disappointed that I didn’t get to see you. However, if the experience wasn’t completely off-putting, I hope you will try to come again next year so that I might get a second chance to see you guys live.

    Jeg gleder meg til å se dere neste året!

    I hope I didn’t butcher it too badly!