7 Responses

  1. bce says:

    No news on the new album??

  2. 1881art says:

    A nearly infinate musical pregnancy?

  3. BionikScorpio says:

    Hyggelig! Men kommer til USA du trenger. =)

  4. Alex_Cruceru says:

    I think this is not healthy for your band and for your the fans.No answers given to us, nothing new.

  5. matucana says:

    It’s good to have some news anyway!!Are you Working hard on your/our new album isn’t it? We are always here supporting you whatever you do!!!!

  6. amyneil98 says:

    I like how they’re keeping anything to do with a new album a mystery, because it’s more of a surprise when they bring something new out! 🙂

  7. Thanks for info. I’ll be there.