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  1. matucana says:

    Svein look so young and so does Torbjorn! Still So young and so big electronic genius! I’t,s always good to hear this beautiful song and such beautiful voice. I miss your new music so much! i hope you will realize some new songs before summer… just a spoon of fuel… to go on! Greetings from italy!!!

  2. franceskywalker says:

    Hey guys,
    can we have a summary in english about the interview?

    Greetings! : )

  3. BionikScorpio says:

    Lenge Siden sist! Takk for det! Torbjorn is my baby! Everyone looks good. ( Jeg ikke kan skriver det i norsk.) =)

  4. AVOaW says:

    I don’t speak Norwegian but I was able to pick up a bit of the context I think. What exactly are they talking about in this interview? BIG FAN! Can’t wait for another album. Thanks for all you do.