Late Night Tales…

15th May, 2013

Röyksopp have curated the latest instalment of the Late Night Tales compilation series, due for release on 16th June 2013 as a 2 X 180g LP set, CD and Digital Download.

The mix features a new intro track by Röyksopp called Daddy’s Groove as well as the studio version of their cover of Depeche Mode’s Ice Machine along with music by Rare Bird, Little River Band, John Martyn, Richard Schneider Jnr, Andreas Vollenweider XTC, Thomas Dolby and of course Vangelis.


Listen to a preview mix of the album below, pre-order the album on iTunes now!

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9 Responses

  1. pballasiotes says:

    I really love what you’re doing with this one! Cant wait for this, especially that first song! So smooth like a first summer love on a warm night. You guys always treat me ears so nicely with your fantastic vibes. Auditory Bliss is Royksopp!

  2. matucana says:

    Wow! What a news!It’always good to hear from you! I love ice machine version and i am thrilled for the new song! I can’t explain how much your music inspire my life! It seems stupid but it has never happened to me before with any other artist (and i’m 42!!!)It’s like a very deep drill in your soul, a journey back through your origin and have the chance to get in contact with your true essence! I won a prize for a national poets competition in Italy but i think that the winners are you and of course I dedicated it to you!!! Thank you Royksopp!

  3. discuzting says:

    Honestly your production is too slow, we really like your music and we want more!

  4. bce says:

    Here’s the brand new song “Daddy’s Groove” from the compilation:

  5. pbal says:

    @discuzting of course we would love more but let them do their thing. how do you like it when you’re at work and people bug you to do more or work faster? i know don’t like it and its not much different! btw, i cant stop listening to daddy’s groove. listening to it i cant help but smile 🙂

  6. BionikScorpio says:

    Royksopp, I don’t know if you all are aware but a full digital version of “Late Night Tales” is going for a $1.29 on Google Play. I thought I would tell you after I copped it. Lol , I will come to your next show in my area to make up for this steal of a deal. Oooh somebody is going to get fired!

  7. why there’s no “running to the sea” in this album? :’/

  8. DissolvedGirl says:

    Oh how I’ve missed you!