Keflavik Music Festival

7th June, 2013

Due to reasons beyond their control, Royksopp have been advised, due to non fulfilment of contractual obligations by the promoters, not to perform at the Keflavik Music Festival in Iceland tomorrow, Sat 8th June. It is with great regret that we have to make this announcement.

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4 Responses

  1. Still no news on an upcoming studio album??

  2. psugasti says:

    When is your next gig?? Please come to Munich!!!

  3. FollowMyRuin says:

    I know you’re preparing some terribly hot new tracks 🙂 but you are also terribly missed by your french fans… I need my yearly dosis of “live Royksopp”
    Please help!

  4. Vortis Mel Abard says:

    Etrange mais j’allais dire la même chose!