6 Responses

  1. 1881art says:

    I think the collaborations are great. I would not have otherwise heard of these vocalists, so thank you!

  2. matucana says:

    B+B You are so good at choosing collaborators and your golden, icy but at the same time, warm touch gives to this song, preciousness and grace!
    Thank you so much!

  3. nirajana says:

    this is beautiful…this collaboration especially with the vocals has a unique quality that keeps lingering on long after it has been played…loved it. Thank you for this journey.

  4. Quatorze XIV says:

    Five days in Tromso just to say this is the place. Crank out the new album, i need it.
    Love you

  5. Alex_Cruceru says:

    It is such a beautiful song!

  6. arnohoho says:

    I may sound cheesy but I need to say this song gave me the strongest feelings I never had with a song. Thank you so much for your talent. 😉