The Inevitable End – Vocalists

5th November, 2014

We always want to find the right voice matching the specific sentiment of a track. And the people we’ve been fortunate enough to work with, are people who not only possess brilliant vocal abilities individually – they also in their own unique way, bring their own universe with them.

We are inviting them to collide their universe into ours. It’s not about having a voice for hire. We want the people we work with to feel like they can involve themselves to the fullest – it’s about finding the perfect voice for our state of mind…

The Inevitable End collaborators @ Latitude B+W

In order: Jamie Irrepressibles, Ryan from Man Without Country, Torbjørn, Robyn, Svein, Susanne Sundfør

I love working with Svein and Torbjørn because they are incredibly talented in what they do. It’s been so inspiring to be a part of their musical universe and I’m very proud to be one of the singers on the album – Susanne Sundfør

It was quite a surreal experience. I’d only spoken to Torbjorn once via Skype prior to recording and I hadn’t heard any of the music they wanted me to sing on. I felt slightly out of my depth at first. I felt privileged to be asked to collaborate with Röyksopp, and to be invited into their unique musical world – Ryan from Man Without Country

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