Kafka feat. Röyksopp at the Bergen International Festival

12th February, 2015

Kafka feat. Röyksopp

As teenagers we were very interested in Franz Kafka. His texts contain a great darkness, anxiety and alienation, but they are very funny at the same time. As soon as we heard about this theatre project that expresses both these sides of him, we wanted to take part in developing it. The audience will certainly recognize the sound of Röyksopp, but this isn’t an expanded concert, but rather a theatre performance where the music is an important driving force. – Röyksopp

About Kafka feat. Röyksopp

Norwegian actors Thorbjørn Harr and Jan Gunnar Røise have immersed themselves in Kafka’s humorous sides, and present a new performance together with Röyksopp. A selection of Kafka’s texts has been adapted for the performance, which explores numerous characters and stories from his career as a writer. The texts and a score of original songs lead us into this modern and hilarious version of Kafka’s universe. Thorbjørn Harr and Jan Gunnar Røise are well known names in Norwegian film and theatre, and Harr has also worked in the US lately.

For dates and tickets go to the Bergen International Festival website here.

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