New video for Bounty Hunters

12th February, 2016

Here’s a boxfresh video of us paying tribute to Star Wars by performing our new track Bounty Hunters. Unfortunately neither Greedo nor Boba Fett could attend the event, but it turned out pretty good nonetheless… At least we had lasers…

Alternative link for Germany

In the vast universe of Star Wars – packed with quotable lines, iconic characters and equally iconic sounds, we felt it hard to choose which of these to bring in to the world of Röyksopp.

After much consideration, we opted for characters and sounds that really struck a chord with us as kids, thus making a track based on the rouge bounty hunters. And there’s no way we would do a Star Wars-track without the screaming TIE fighters.

Fanboys and girls will also no doubt spot the infamous Greedo and Han Solo dialogue – and let there be no doubt; Han Solo shot first…