Shine on Like The Stars (Lost Tapes)

19th May, 2020

“Shine On Like The Stars” is a track we made together with the wonderful Anneli Drecker, whilst on tour some time around 2003. The track’s never been released and we’ve only performed it live a couple of times (at least to our recollection…). But seeing that many of you wanted this as a “Lost Tape”, we decided to dig it out. 

Please note that with all “Lost Tapes”, we do our utmost to preserve and maintain the original expression of the tracks, and thusly not “tweaking” them to 2020 “standard” (whatever that is..). That also implies setting up VERY antique, outboard equipment and digging through A LOT of poorly labelled floppy-discs… Furthermore, working on a dying Windows 98 PC, is quite a different level. Now, for “Shine On Like The Stars”, we didn’t really have a full recording (since the track only had a life in a “LIVE” setting), so we had to piece together whatever little bits we could find here and there. 

We’ve done a re-recorded version on the exact same equipment, with the same settings (as close as we could get), in order for it to sound as similar to the “LIVE” recording which is found floating around out there on the great www. B+B