Röyksopp – Alpha Male [Live] (Lost Tapes)

When performing live, we have an urge to make alternate versions of our own music. This is done in order for us to maintain an interest in the tracks and at the same time (hopefully) create something «special» for those listeners attending that specific night. Thusly, over the years, we have performed quite a vast number of different versions of our songs. This particular version of “Alpha Male” is actually a request submitted by a longtime supporter of Röyksopp, namely «Mushroomsmoke v.2» aka «Friends Of Röyksopp». Unfortunately we do not record all gigs that we play, so we couldn’t find a recording of that specific night in Paris ’09 (as requested).  But this version is a recording done around the same time (as the requested ’09 version) so it should be pretty close to what we did that night in Paris.

On a final note: We do not know who hides behind the «Mushroomsmoke/Friends…» moniker, but he/she (or they?) has been a true champion of Röyksopp’s music for many, many years. Thank you so much for all your support & for shining a light on the Röyksopp spectacle: This one’s for you!