A Lost Tapes Announcement

Hi there people,

After a dramatically long period of silence on our end, we thought it both wise & appropriate to share a few words with you all. First of all, the «Lost Tapes» series has come to a halt for the time being. It’s been a great exercise for us – particularly considering the overwhelming kind response from all of you people. So thank you so much! Now, this inaudible interlude does not imply that we have drained the Röyksopp well – far from it! It simply means that we are pausing «Lost Tapes» for a while, in order for us to focus our efforts on other endeavours. There is no drama related to this decision. Quite the opposite. Let’s just say that we have to go back on a promise we made in the past – but hopefully to some elation.

All the best,

Señors B+B

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