The Inevitable End 3LP reissue

Good people! 

We bring news of the next reissue from the Röyksopp discography in the form of 2014’s The Inevitable End.

An album that is a very important moment in RYXP history for several reasons. It marked the end of the traditional album format for senor b + senor b, paving the way for the Lost Tapes era and the expansive Profound Mysteries universe. The Inevitable End also signalled a move towards darker subject matter, with emphasis on the lyrical content. This candid approach feels both very personal, sincere and conclusive.

We’re always looking to push certain boundaries, but there’s something there that’s been there all the time and that binds it altogether, we’re not keen on repeating ourselves…

Ten years on, a new, numbered, triple LP, purple vinyl edition of The Inevitable End is available to pre-order now. The first 500 numbered copies are available exclusively at the röykshopp. Pre-orders will ship around March 22.

The above photo of course originates from the TIE era courtesy of the excellent Stian Andersen.

Señor B + Señor B