Konsert i Molde avlyst

23rd July, 2011

I samråd med festivalsjef Jan Ole Otnæs, valgte vi i går kveld å avlyse vår konsert i tilknyttning til Molde Jazzfestival. Denne beslutningen ble tatt på bakgrunn… More 

Back once again with the ill behaviour…

25th March, 2011

Last night we played in Atlanta – and giddy-up now! – they sure know how to party! All the slanderous talk about how easy a gig could turn into a barn-brawl was put to shame as the crowd went hands-in-the-air! Yessir!

The Drug for a Norwegian Grammy

15th February, 2011

Yep, what bce says is correct; the video for “The Drug” has been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannsprisen). The award is given to the band who’s given the most votes online (that’s you people), so here’s your chance to “repay” us – give us your vote, and we’ll give you more free tracks 😉

Track Of The Month January: Stronghold

7th February, 2011

This month’s Track Of The Month is truly a gem, if we might say so ourselves! It predates Melody AM, and was long a hot candidate to be part of the album itself (Melody AM, that is). We could, however, not find space for it back then, but – with Track Of The Month and millions of hungry fans to feed, this is the right time for the track to shine…

Wait a minute…

4th November, 2010

...why aren't you guys posting "Track Of The Month" for November? Well, we are. But not just right now. See, the "T.O.T.M." is a fleeting… More 

Senior is streaming in full, right now!

6th September, 2010

Senior is the introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart to last year’s Junior: brim-full with dark secrets and distorted memories, insisting I’m old, I’ve got experience… Senior is furthermore an album about age, horses and being subdued, with devils breathing down your neck. Each track is equally as important as its predecessor and successor.