We’re confused…

31st January, 2009

We’ve just been through shooting a small documentary on fourforth coming album, in quite harsh surrounding way up north, somewhere between Norway, Russia and a bizzare dream. The moment the filming was done, we were transported via cars and planes all the way to Tokyo, Japan. So now we’re sitting on the topfloor of nice hotel, downtown Shibuya, looking out over Tokyo in all it’s glory – completely sleepdeprivated & utterly bewildered. It feels tempting to ask oneself “was it all a dream?”


On a completely different note, here’s a list of Röyksopp’s Top 5 animals:

20th January, 2009

First, those who didn’t make into top 5, but qualifies to our “Honorable Mentions”:

Wolverine – “Ferocious animal who doesn’t back out of a fight – although not much bigger than an average medium-sized dog, it has been known to take down prey as large as moose. Now that’s will & stamina in a lethal mix. Looks fairly handsome as well.”

Starfish – “Lazy fish that has understood the importance of esthetics and taking it slow. Doesn’t do very much (or at least so we believe) – it just sort of sits there. Get’s credit for the ability to regenerate lost arms.”

Greetings people!

20th January, 2009

Welcome to our still-smoking, straight-out-of-the-kitchen boxfresh website! Here you’ll be able to tap in to the universe of Röyksopp – or at least scratch the surface of it.

Hello world!

12th January, 2009

Phil Lynott once so eloquently said “The boys are back in town”, and never before have those words felt more accurate than now – for us at least. Every once in a while we surface to share our music and shed some light in an otherwise bleak reality. And that time is soon upon us, Ladies & Gents. Our third installment, called “Junior”, will be out on the 23rd of March 2009.