Olof Dreijer remix of Monument

29th January, 2021

[embed][/embed] What’s this? Ooh, a remix! Olof Dreijer has taken a fun & interesting approach to our track «Monument». Don’t know it? It’s a song… More 

A Lost Tapes Announcement

25th January, 2021

Hi there people, After a dramatically long period of silence on our end, we thought it both wise & appropriate to share a few words… More 

Oblique Thrills (Lost Tapes)

4th June, 2020

"Oblique Thrills" is a slight departure from the "normal" Röyksopp-catalogue. The track came about in February earlier this year. Whilst recording parts for a completely… More 

Gentle Movement (Lost Tapes)

1st April, 2020

"Gentle Movement" is the outcome of an improvised musical endeavour between ourselves and our good friend, sax player Kjetil Møster. A long time Röyksopp-collaborator, Mr.… More 

Andromeda (Lost Tapes)

5th March, 2020

“Andromeda” (sometimes referred to as "Andromeda Intro") was made in 2013. For live-purposes, we wanted to put together a track that could establish a nice… More 

Shores of Easy (Lost Tapes)

15th November, 2019

Aficionados will know that we originally posted Shores Of Easy back in 2011, and perhaps will also remember that we performed the track live once,… More 

Ice Machine (Lost Tapes)

11th October, 2019

Back in the late eighties, before we (that’s S & T) dared to write our own music, we made cover versions of the songs of… More