Vocoder Top 5 on the Guardian

23rd November, 2016

Once again, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share some of our profound wisdom. This time around, we’re talking vocoders - proper outboard vocoders with… More 

Review: BBC Music

6th April, 2009

"Junior is a proper fantastic return for the 'sopp, and is the sort of thing you could imagine sound tracking all the best events in… More 

Junior Review: Resident Advisor

27th March, 2009

"For those who appreciated The Understanding's shift toward craftier, radio-ready pop, Junior is bound to please. Though Röyksopp have always relied on the contributions of… More 

Junior Review: Pitchfork

27th March, 2009

"Junior is Röyksopp's third album in eight years and finds them synthesizing the highs and lows from their previous records to strike a knowing middle… More 

Junior Review: Music OHM

22nd March, 2009

"Junior is intoxicating, ecstatic electro at its peak that twists, turns and evolves with every spin. And as for the Norwegians’ chameleonic adaptability assigning the… More 

Junior Review: The Sun Online

20th March, 2009

"AN explosion of laughter kicks off the Norwegian electro duo’s third album. It is a confident, welcoming beginning and the perfect introduction to opener Happy… More