Back To Mine: Röyksopp

An inspirational mix that draws on the obscure and the sublime resulting in a masterful blend of shimmering electro, italo disco, p-funk and hip house. Featured artists include Talking Heads, Mike Oldfield, The Art of Noise, Funkadelic and Klein & MBO. Also features an exclusive track under Royksopp pseudonym Emmanuel Splice.

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  1. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
  2. Sphinx
  3. One More Round
  4. Ma Quale Idea
  5. Above and Beyond
  6. Off Side
  7. Take A Chance
  8. Platinum (Part Three-Charlesteon)
  9. Meatball
  10. That's Hot
  11. Legs
  12. 3A.M. (12" Version)
  13. Dirty Talk
  14. It Ain't Easy
  15. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
  16. Night People
  17. Get Closer
  18. Can't Be Serious
  19. I'm Never Gonna Tell It
  20. It's Been A Long Time
  • Format: CD