Electric Counterpoint III. Fast

Have you ever heard of… Steve Reich, the composer? Why, of course you have! Well, for some reason unknown to us, we have been experiencing an inexplicable urge to make an edit of one of his tracks, called Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast.

We wanted to make our own version of this beautiful piece of music, adding beats and bass, and at the same time stay 100% true to the original arrangement. However, for our needs, we respectfully (although some might say cheekily) altered the whole song from a 3/4 to a 4/4 time signature. Not unlike how The Orb did it in their 90’s classic Little Fluffy Clouds. Actually, editing and experimenting with this piece of music turned out to be great fun!

Because of this, dear readers, we can now present you with two separate tracks of the month.


  1. Electric Counterpoint III. Fast - RYXP's Milde Salve
  2. Electric Counterpoint III. Fast - RYXP True To Original Edit