Lost Tapes

Signs of life – introducing «Lost Tapes»:

Upon renovating our arctic chateau here in the desolate north, we came across an old sea chest containing an abundance of rare B-sides, exclusives – & even some previously unreleased tracks. We thought the only right thing would be to make these «hard-to-find» tracks available for those of you who prefer to stream music. So therefore we’ve created a playlist called «Lost Tapes». The Playlist will be updated as we go, make sure you subscribe. All obscure tracks will eventually see the light of day.

Alpha Male LIVE

When performing live, we have an urge to make alternate versions of our own music. This is done in order for us to maintain an interest in the tracks and at the same time (hopefully) create something «special» for those listeners attending that specific night. Thusly, over the years, we have performed quite a vast number of different versions of our songs. This particular version of “Alpha Male” is actually a request submitted by a longtime supporter of Röyksopp, namely «Mushroomsmoke v.2» aka «Friends Of Röyksopp». Unfortunately we do not record all gigs that we play, so we couldn’t find a recording of that specific night in Paris ’09 (as requested).  But this version is a recording done around the same time (as the requested ’09 version) so it should be pretty close to what we did that night in Paris.

On a final note: We do not know who hides behind the «Mushroomsmoke/Friends…» moniker, but he/she (or they?) has been a true champion of Röyksopp’s music for many, many years. Thank you so much for all your support & for shining a light on the Röyksopp spectacle: This one’s for you! 

Oblique Thrills

“Oblique Thrills” is a slight departure from the “normal” Röyksopp-catalogue. The track came about in February earlier this year. Whilst recording parts for a completely different song, we learned that the great Lyle Mays had passed. Consequently, we decided to embark on a  “fusion-esque” venture as a nod to Mr. Mays, but in a Röyksopp manner. Our good friends Ole Vegard Skauge (bass), Jørn Øien (piano & Prophet) & Ivar Thormodsæter (acoustic drums) also took part in the journey.

Shine On Like The Stars

“Shine On Like The Stars” is a track we made together with the wonderful Anneli Drecker, whilst on tour some time around 2003. The track’s never been released and we’ve only performed it live a couple of times (at least to our recollection…). But seeing that many of you wanted this as a “Lost Tape”, we decided to dig it out. 

Please note that with all “Lost Tapes”, we do our utmost to preserve and maintain the original expression of the tracks, and thusly not “tweaking” them to 2020 “standard” (whatever that is..). That also implies setting up VERY antique, outboard equipment and digging through A LOT of poorly labelled floppy-discs… Furthermore, working on a dying Windows 98 PC, is quite a different level. Now, for “Shine On Like The Stars”, we didn’t really have a full recording (since the track only had a life in a “LIVE” setting), so we had to piece together whatever little bits we could find here and there. 

We’ve done a re-recorded version on the exact same equipment, with the same settings (as close as we could get), in order for it to sound as similar to the “LIVE” recording which is found floating around out there on the great www. B+B

Gentle Movement

“Gentle Movement” is the outcome of an improvised musical endeavour between ourselves and our good friend, sax player Kjetil Møster. A long time Röyksopp-collaborator, Mr. Møster has featured on several of our releases & he’s done multiple shows with us in the past. If you ever detect a woodwind-sound on a Röyksopp track, it’s likely that Kjetil’s the provider. As for the track itself, the title really says it all. On a final note to you all, stay safe wherever you are.


“Andromeda” is sometimes referred to as “Andromeda Intro” and was made in 2013. For live-purposes, we wanted to put together a track that could establish a nice atmosphere – with a light touch of anticipation and suspense. Thus “Andromeda” came into existence. We performed “Andromeda” live a couple of times in 2014, where it featured as the opening track for those shows. Reading some of your comments on previous “Lost Tapes”, we noticed that some of you wanted “Andromeda” to be included in the series. Hence us adding it.

Were You Ever Wanted

“Were You Ever Wanted” is a collaboration between Lykke Li & us. It came about in 2008, around the time we made “Miss It So Much” for the album “Junior”. We have occasionally performed “Were You Ever Wanted” live with Lykke Li, in many alterations. This version though, is the first/original as recorded in our studio. “Were You Ever Wanted” has previously been released in Japan only.

Shores of Easy

Aficionados will know that we originally posted Shores Of Easy back in 2011, and perhaps will also remember that we performed the track live once, on KCRW. The song is a 14 min soundtrack meant to reflect the state between being awake and being asleep – the state where everything seems possible.

Ice Machine

Back in the late eighties, before we (that’s S & T) dared to write our own music, we made cover versions of the songs of our musical heroes. One of which was Depeche Mode’s «Ice Machine». The old version (which we did at the age of 13/14) is long lost. But in 2012 we revisited the track once again – but this time with Susanne Sundfør on the mic. The track was featured on our «LateNightTales» mix, and we’ve also once performed it live on TV.

I Just Don’t Understand You

We pieced ‘I Just Don’t Understand You’ together in the early summer of 2008. It was a late night/ early morning. Vocals are sung by both of us.


Rescue saw it’s beginning in 2012. The track was left in a drawer until rediscovered – and finally completed, some years later.

Across The Graveyard

Across The Graveyard was recorded in 2007. Vocals sung by Svein Berge & Anneli Drecker. Outro-strings performed by Davide Rossi.


This track saw the light of day in 2013. This one’s for Daniel.

In The End

This track came about in 2014. The vocals are performed by Man Without Country & Susanne Sundfør. We wrote this for “The Inevitable End”, but couldn’t find a place for it there.

I Wanna Know

I Wanna Know was made sometime in 2007. The vocals are sung by Svein & the wonderful Anneli Drecker. Oh, and this has been available as a “Track of the month” but has never been commercially released.

Rising Urge

Rising Urge was made in Autumn 2014. This track (in an abridged version) was actually a hidden track on “The Inevitable End”. However, this hidden track only features on CDs released in one of the world territories.