Re-Press of Senior on Vinyl

11th December, 2018

Senior, the album, is the "introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart to Junior" and has been re-pressed on vinyl via Röyksopp's own label, Dog Triumph.… More 

The Inevitable End Reissued on Vinyl

23rd June, 2017

We're pleased to finally present this high-quality triple vinyl reissue of "The Inevitable End". Not only does it sound great, it also features previously unreleased… More 

Never Ever Remixes

10th March, 2017

The full Never Ever remix bundle- featuring remixes from Hotel Garuda, Yotto, Sultan Shakes, George Orb and Fur Coat- is out now. Röyksopp will be… More 

Never Ever (Yotto Remix)

3rd March, 2017

Following a BBC Radio One play from Danny Howard, Yotto's remix of Never Ever featuring Susanne Sundfør is available to buy or stream now. It follows last… More 

Vocoder Top 5 on the Guardian

23rd November, 2016

Once again, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share some of our profound wisdom. This time around, we’re talking vocoders - proper outboard vocoders with… More