Vocoder Top 5 on the Guardian

23rd November, 2016

Once again, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share some of our profound wisdom. This time around, we’re talking vocoders - proper outboard vocoders with… More 

New DJ Antonio remix for Here She Comes Again

11th March, 2016

After finding out this remix had 18 million views on YouTube we thought we should make it available for everyone! Due to popular demand DJ Antonio’s remix of Here She Comes Again is out now here.

New video for Bounty Hunters

12th February, 2016

Here’s a boxfresh video of us paying tribute to Star Wars by performing our new track Bounty Hunters. Unfortunately neither Greedo nor Boba Fett could attend the event

Bounty Hunters – First Listen

10th February, 2016

Here’s our new track, Bounty Hunters. Created using samples from the Star Wars films for the new Star Wars Headspace compilation.

Bounty Hunters premiere

8th February, 2016

Bounty Hunters is part of the Star Wars Headspace album, also featuring Flying Lotus, Rustie and Rick Rubin. See the full track list below…

Spektrum Set Times

12th December, 2015

The set times for the show at Oslo Spektrum tonight are available below. Doors are open at 18:30. 18:30 - Andre Bratten (DJ) 19:30 -… More 

On Sale: Oslo Tickets

8th October, 2015

The only way to finish this great year, would be to throw a final party in Oslo. Get tickets for the show at Spektrum, Oslo on Dec 12th here