• Junior Review: Music OHM

    “Junior is intoxicating, ecstatic electro at its peak that twists, turns and evolves with every spin. And as for the Norwegians’ chameleonic adaptability assigning the record an ambience where it’d be out of place seems nigh on implausible. Listen closely and even the crunch of a few guitar strings pricks the subconscious.” Read the full… Read more

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  • Interview: BBC Newsbeat

    “When Röyksopp first came bouncing across the airwaves in 2001, it was virtually impossible to escape their bleepy hit single Eple. Indeed it went on to become the unlikely chill out hit of the summer, invading late night bars, TV ads and front rooms at 3 in the morning. Now eight years on, the Norwegian… Read more

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  • Röyksopp on Channel 4 this weekend

    UK based fans can catch a Röyksopp special on 4Music Saturday night / Sunday morning at 12.55am. If you can’t stay up that late you can watch the mini-documentary here!

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  • From The Journeys Of Röyksopp…

    We have been given the option to chose. We, Röyksopp, consider this ability – to decide oneself – to be a gift.

    Dilemmas like “Should I stay or should I go? Should I say yes or no?” is something we tend to embrace – we think of them as opportunities.

    It’s a secure way of gaining knowledge, insight and also hindsight. This way of thinking has led us to many a strange place. Both physically and mentally. Sometimes events occur that you do not fully understand, but they somehow still have importance. Do you follow?

    A friend of mine, a wise man from Sweden, once said to me: “Sometimes 1+1=3. Or 12. Or perhaps not even a number. Sometimes 1+1 could equal a horse.”

    Even more confused?

    Then check this out…

    From The Journey’s Of Röyksopp… listen to Junior

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  • Happy Up Here with Chris Moyles

    The team on Radio 1‘s Chris Moyles Show are loving the ‘Marching Band Version‘ of Happy Up Here! Listen back to their ‘Happy Up Here’ mashup on the iPlayer: Friday 20th March Thursday 19th March Wednesday 18th March

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  • Junior Review: The Sun Online

    “AN explosion of laughter kicks off the Norwegian electro duo’s third album. It is a confident, welcoming beginning and the perfect introduction to opener Happy Up Here – one of the happiest, funkiest dance records ever. The duo say this album is their attempt to counter the dark mood of the recession but their optimism… Read more

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  • Junior Review: The Guardian Online

    There’s a gorgeously indulgent quality to Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland’s third album. As if determined to shake off their simplistic yet lingering reputation as purveyors of pleasant musical wallpaper for clothes shops and TV soundbeds, the Norwegian duo have gone for broke this time around: plump, tactile synthesisers, viscid dance grooves and a crack… Read more

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  • From The Journeys Of Röyksopp

    Click here to download the Marching Band version of Happy Up Here from the Members Area free! Musicians of the Norwegian Army Band North and the Military Wind Orchestra of the Northern Navy

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  • Free Music: ‘Happy Up Here’ Marching Band version

    Download for free: ‘Happy Up Here’ Marching Band version Use the ‘Share This’ button below to send this to a friend:

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  • I woke up this morning…

    …with a very distinct feeling that spring was in the air. Now, from a Norwegian point of view, it’s a bit too early for spring to arrive in mid March, but nevertheless, the feeling of spring was definitely there – just as trembling, clear and evident as the voice of Demis Roussos, which is pouring out of the loudspeakers in front of me. Nuff said. On a completely different note, some of you might have noticed that “Junior” is now made available for listening in the “Our Music” section. Without any long introduction & clever comparisons, we’ll simply say that we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did making it…


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