Last week was Paris & Berlin…

22nd February, 2009

... the next few days will be spent in Brussels & London. Ah, the good memories are piling up. I recollect a moment of brief boredom, where… More 

Svein talks to Gigwise

19th February, 2009

"In the words of Royksopp’s Svein Berge, “there are things brewing in the north.” Not least among them is the third album from the smooth-talking… More 

More Röyksopp live events added!!

11th February, 2009

Live dates have been added across Europe in Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris. Don't forget you can also catch them in London, Oslo, Marinen and Rotterdam.… More 


10th February, 2009

...Or not really - but we happen to be in Amsterdam right now and I just came to think about an old horror movie from… More 

We’re confused…

31st January, 2009

We’ve just been through shooting a small documentary on fourforth coming album, in quite harsh surrounding way up north, somewhere between Norway, Russia and a bizzare dream. The moment the filming was done, we were transported via cars and planes all the way to Tokyo, Japan. So now we’re sitting on the topfloor of nice hotel, downtown Shibuya, looking out over Tokyo in all it’s glory – completely sleepdeprivated & utterly bewildered. It feels tempting to ask oneself “was it all a dream?”