credit: Angelina Bergenwall

“With Profound Mysteries part III, we conclude our triple album endeavor. Beneath its golden, shimmering sheen, lie levels of ambiguity and contrast; the sweet and the harrowing, the wonderful and the wrong. We are human, we dream.” – S+T

Röyksopp announce the concluding third part to their extraordinary Profound Mysteries project, out now on Dog Triumph. Profound Mysteries III brings the acclaimed series to a climax, having worked with a cast of global visual and musical collaborators to create an incredible 30 tracks, 30 artefacts, 30 visualisers and 30 films that have been revealed throughout the year.

Order and stream Profound Mysteries III here.

Profound Mysteries III Tracklisting:

  1. So Ambiguous feat. Jamie Irrepressible
  2. Me&Youphoria
  3. Stay Awhile feat. Susanne Sundför
  4. The Night feat. Alison Goldfrapp
  5. Lights Out feat. Pixx
  6. Speed King
  7. The Next Day feat. Jamie Irrepressible
  8. Just Wanted To Know feat. Astrid S
  9. Feel It feat. Maurissa Rose
  10. Like An Old Dog feat. Pixx

In addition, a series of vinyl editions for Profound Mysteries have been announced with a 6LP boxset featuring all of the music along with a 32page booklet designed by Jonathan Zawada complemented by individual 2LP releases for each part of Profound Mysteries.

Available now from the Röyksopp store

Profound Mysteries 6LP Boxset

Profound Mysteries 3CD Boxset

Profound Mysteries III – Double Vinyl

Profound Mysteries III – CD & T-shirt Bundle